Legends of Tomorrow 1.16 “Legendary” Top 5

“Legends of Tomorrow” certainly provided us with an entertaining season finale. “Legendary” was a fun culmination to the story arc for the season. While I enjoyed the season finale and thought it was quite entertaining, it seemed a bit all over the place and had a few too many convenient “time rules” that made the storyline work. I’m definitely sad to see the end of the season and I already cannot wait for season 2. Bring it on! For now, here are my top 5 moments from “Legendary.”

5. Leonard and Mick

Captain Cold

I know it was just a quick glimpse, but the scene with Leonard and Mick was perfect. Pre-time traveling journey (in a strip club, of course), Mick goes back and gets a chance to say what he needed to say to Leonard, and once again show just how much he has grown throughout this season. He tells Leonard “you’re a hero to me.” We get one more little glimpse of our beloved Captain Cold and Mick gets an emotional moment that he really needed. It was a win-win situation for everyone. Just what we all needed. That being said…I still refuse to believe that this is the last we will see of Leonard Snart.


4. Timequake!

Savage and the meteorite

In a brilliant stroke of luck, Martin stumbles upon what he believes Savage’s plan will be. Jax has mentioned that he has seen Savage with a chunk of the meteorite that struck the earth in Savage, Kendra, and Carter’s time back when they visited 1958. Savage has visited France during Nazi times in 1944 to get ahold of another piece of the meteorite. Martin realizes that Savage will be taking these three chunks of meteorite to three different times, to three times when Earth is in line with Thanagar; 1958, 1975, and 2021. Savage has drawn blood from Carter and Kendra which will “activate” these meteorites, essentially turning them into atomic bombs with enough power to destroy the world.

With this happening at three different times….at the “same time,” it will create a paradox that will destroy history, erase time, and bring the world to the 1700s BC and render Vandal into a “god.”  Makes total sense, right?

Because Martin and the team have pieced together Savage’s plan,t hey split up, intervening. In 1958, Ray uses his suit to shrink the meteorite chunk into a very tiny piece and the “explosion” is nothing more than a little poof. In 1975, Firestorm masters transmutation and turns that meteorite chunk into a puddle of water. But when they all finally get to 2021, that meteorite chunk has gone too far and neither Ray nor Firestorm are able to destroy it. Rip loads it on the Waverider and launches it into the sun. Our Legends have stopped Vandal’s plan and Vandal himself, and are truly legendary.

3. Rex Tyler

Rex Tyler

We leave the episode and the season with the Legends just about to take off on some more time adventures in the Waverider, when another Waverider shows up on the scene. A man named Rex Tyler, from the Justice Society of America, steps off the other time ship, and tells them if they get on their Waverider that they will all die. He proclaims that he knows this because Mick himself has told him. This could be quite the start to new adventures with the Justice Society and a superhero called the Hourman.

2. Protecting the timeline

Legendary Legends

Despite their main mission objective being accomplished, the team remains together for more fun and adventure. With the Oculus destroyed, the Time Masters can no longer view and engineer time. Rip says that there is no one better to protect the timeline than a former Time Master (himself)…and his team.

Of course, right now, we are down Captain Cold and Kendra and Carter have flown away on their own adventure.

1. Savage is triple dead

Sara and Savage

So far in the season, the team have fallen short at every opportunity to kill Savage. But this episode, the finale, they manage to kill Savage…not just once, but three times. Savage’s “timequake” plan is set in motion. The amount of radiation given off by the three “activated” meteorite chunks reaches Savage and turns him into a mortal. Our Legends have split up into teams and gone to the three times in which Savage plans to set these meteorites into motion, and they all manage to take him out. Heat Wave takes him out in 1958, Sara takes him out in 1975, while Rip and Kendra take him out in 2021. While I’m hoping that Savage is gone for good, I can’t help but wonder if there are any other Vandal Savage’s in the timeline waiting to cause some more trouble?

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