Legends of Tomorrow 1.14 “River of Time” Top 5

This week’s episode was filled with big moments and a lot of Vandal Savage (finally). With both Savage and a brainwashed Carter on board the Waverider, that seems to spell nothing but trouble for our Legends. This episode provides us with many answers but also leaves us with even more questions. With only 2 episodes left in the season, the Legends don’t have a whole lot of time left (pun intended) to find their way out of the major mess that they’ve gotten themselves into this time. Here are my top 5 moments from “River of Time.”

5. Ray and Kendra no more

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They’ve been battling against fate or destiny or whatever you want to call it for their entire relationship. They have both known that Kendra is meant to be with Carter; that Kendra and Carter will always find each other in their reincarnations and they will always fall in love. But that never stopped them…that is until Carter was back aboard the Waverider.

By the end of this episode, Carter remembers his previous lives. He remembers Kendra and he fights against Savage to save her life. With him back around, Ray doesn’t exactly stand a chance.

Kendra doesn’t deny that Ray was ever only a “place holder” for Carter, but acknowledges that her feelings of love for Ray were always real.

Ray on the other hand accepts what has happened and says that it’s almost a good thing. Realizing that he can’t be with Kendra has broken his heart, but the broken heart truly means that he is able to move on from his fiance, Anna and from his time with Felicity. He’ll be able to fall in love again.

They seemed amicable about the break up, so let’s hope they can work on the same team like adults.

4. Jax back to 2016

Aged Jax in the jump ship

When the Waverider broke down in the middle of the time stream on their way to the Vanishing Point, Rip sends Jax in to try to fix it. However, Rip knows that the area that Jax will be working in is dangerous. As Jax brings the Time Drive back online, it surges. The blast from this surge goes right through Jax. The effect of this radiation is that Jax is now aging very rapidly and there’s nothing that Gideon can do to fix it. As they test his blood, it appears that Jax’s body is comparable to that of a 63-year-old.

Martin believes that he has come up with a solution. He once again drugs Jax. He puts Jax on the jump ship, which has a one time jump to 2016 left on its auxiliary power. Martin sends Jax away from the Waverider, back to 2016. He believes the temporal jump will reverse the effects of the blast from the Waverider’s Time Drive.

Will the time jump work?

3. Carter Remembers

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 1.38.55 PM

They have brought Carter on board, only he doesn’t remember that he’s Carter. He doesn’t remember Kendra or any of their past lives. He has been brainwashed by Savage. Savage has programmed him to view them all as enemies. Carter wants to kill Kendra and the others. He nearly manages to do so as Kendra gets too close to him while he’s tied up. She tries to appeal to his emotions to jolt his memory. It doesn’t work and it almost gets Kendra killed.

Later on, both Savage and Carter have broken loose from their bonds on the Waverider. Carter brings Kendra to Savage, who nearly chokes her to death. Apparently seeing her almost die, her crying out in this moment is enough to finally shock Carter’s memory. He gets a flood of memories of their previous lives together, of their son, of all the times they’ve fallen for each other. He immediately regrets what he has done and saves Kendra from the clutches of Savage. Unfortunately Carter takes a big hit in the scuffle and gets knocked out.

When he comes to, will he still remember Kendra and their past? Will he come back as Hawkman? Or will he come back as Savage’s brainwashed goon?

2. Rip and the Gang are imprisoned

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With evidence that Savage has been mucking about in the timeline that the Time Masters were sworn to protect, Rip decides to set the course for the Vanishing Point. He plans to bring Savage to the council of the Time Masters and bring Savage to justice, to help him justify all the laws/rules that he and the gang have been breaking along their journey.

When they finally reach the Vanishing Point, Rip gets to stand in front of the Time Council. He gives them proof and a confession from Savage himself that Savage has been time traveling and messing with the timeline. For one split second, Rip feels victorious. He believes that he has not only saved his family, he’s brought Savage to justice. He’s justified all the lies and manipulation he’s done to his team. He can justify the breaking of the laws that he and the gang have done.

But that moment slips away almost immediately, as it is revealed that the Time Masters are in league with Savage. The leader of the Time Council declares that Savage is to be sent back to 2166 as a free man, that Rip will be imprisoned, and the rest of the gang should be rounded up and imprisoned as well.

From what we see, Jax is sent back to 2016, so he doesn’t get imprisoned. It appears that Leonard and Sara may have been able to find a place to hide. So, I don’t think that they are imprisoned. However, the rest of the team is captured and will be locked up. The Time Masters are also now in possession of the Waverider.

1. Savage is free

Time Masters release Savage

After finally being taken in by Rip and the gang, Savage is locked away on the Waverider. During his time there, he masterfully manipulates nearly all of the gang. Somehow, he manages to get into their heads, nearly ripping them apart from within. Because Ray decides for the first time in his life to be macho, Savage is released from his prison aboard the Waverider. Our Legends manage to come together and once again get control of him.

After being brought forth with evidence and a confession to the council of the Time Masters, as mentioned above, Savage is in league with the Time Masters somehow. It is declared that Savage is to be sent back to 2166. The timeline will not be changed. Savage is free. He’ll go right back to where he was, he will kill Rip’s family.

It’s clear from this that Savage will not be brought to justice within the laws of the Time Masters. For Rip to get his justice, to save his family, to save earth, Rip and the gang will have to exact their own justice upon Savage. They will have to be vigilantes.


Bonus shot…

The Vanishing Point looks pretty amazing.

The Vanishing Point

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