Outlander 2.04 “La Dame Blanche” Top 5

Whew! If you were like me, you needed a little time to decompress after the newest episode, La Dame Blanche. Poison! Torrid affairs! Secrets revealed! Assault! If your head has stopped spinning, let’s dive in to this top 5 like Fergus at an abandoned dinner table!

  1. Comte St. Germaine seems to have come through on his villainous threats. Shortly into the episode Claire is struck down with poison. She quickly jumps to the conversations she had with Master Raymond from last week. He had only sold the bitter cascara to one person in the last month, an unknown servant. I have to say though, once she put the pieces together, I thought it was strange how she moved on so quickly. Not that there is much to do other than have us hiss at him from the couch, Claire isn’t the type to poison him back, but it still seemed to move on fast.
  2. Fergus continued to charm me this week. The final shot of him enjoying the abandoned meal cracked me up! I am curious if we will see him asking for punishment for not being with Claire and Mary like he does in the books. The final scene led me to believe they are probably skipping that part and keeping Fergus a little lighter for now. I can’t say I would disagree with that choice. Given the pace of the season it has been hard for us to see the true parent/child relationship develop between him and the Frasers yet so that might feel very forced.
  3. Claire and Jamie have an amazing talent. They each find out a little information here and there, then tie it together until they know all of the juiciest gossip in Paris. The puzzle pieces click together throughout the episode. We first discover that Louise is in a delicate condition, and the man who got her there was definitely not her husband! We don’t know who her mystery man is, but she is so smitten with him that she scoffs when Claire suggests she bed her husband so she can convince him he is the father. Jamie receives the rest of the puzzle when none other than the Bonny Prince falls through his window on a bender because he has fled after being bitten by his mistress’s monkey. Ta da! The Frasers know who Louise’s baby daddy is. They plan to put this to their advantage in discouraging the prince’s plans. Am I the only one though that looks at Louise’s loyalty and thinks, “Him?”
  4. Claire finally ripped off the Band-Aid about the survival of Black Jack. Jamie’s response is surprising to say the least. He is elated to discover he still has a chance to kill Randall himself. I, for one, was not a fan of Jamie’s reaction. I see where they went with it, and the news fit well with the speech he gave Claire about how hard it is to move on. The happiness just didn’t ring true to me. I could see him feeling determined and passionate at the news but I didn’t expect the giddiness. I guess it is the same sort of thing that makes people laugh when faced with tragedy. I just didn’t think it felt like Jamie. Then Claire runs to Master Raymond who reads her fortune and says she will see Frank again. This is good news to her because in Claire’s mind she has constantly envisioned Frank never existing if Jack dies in too short a time. So maybe Jaime won’t kill him before he weds Mary. She quickly transistions to looking positively gob smacked. She realizes to see Frank again she would have to travel back through time. We, of course, know she will, but it is a credit to Caitriona that I still felt Claire’s reaction so sharply! This scene is also important because I got massive time traveler vibes from Master Raymond himself. Is he one? Has he met one before? Will the writers ever tell us? Or just leave it to imagination?
  5. One of the scariest moments in the book was no less terrifying on screen. As book readers expected from the title, Claire, Murtagh, and Mary Hawkins are attacked on the way home from helping at the hospital. Mary is raped during the attack and faints from shock. She is taken back to Claire and Jamie’s home and left to rest under the supervision of her love, Alex Randall. Claire somehow pulls herself together and joins the dinner party downstairs. She eyes Comte St. Germaine, wondering if he could have planned the attack while attending the party as an alibi. The party falls apart quickly as a distressed and drugged Mary wakes in a panic and the guests hear the screams. We end the episode when a brawl ensues between Mary’s father, fiancée, Alex, and their Scottish hosts. Claire looks on and holds Mary to try to calm her.

I imagine next week will start a bit ahead from this night. I would love to see Louise filling us in on all the gossip surrounding the Fraser party. I believe that given the pace we are on we only have a few episodes left in France. Before you panic that I spoiled something, remember that we started the season with Claire travelling through the stones back in Scotland, so you knew France wouldn’t last forever!

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