Outlander 2.05 “Untimely Resurrection” Top 5

Tonight we experienced an Untimely Resurrection, or as I have decided to title the episode, Emmy Judges Suck and Sam’s Eyes Win Forever. I don’t think that title is too long given the mad skills Sam Heughan brings to this episode. This episode definitely picks up speed as it propels many of the storylines to completion. Even though we are less than halfway through the season, a lot of things need to be set before we can follow Claire through the stones again. Continue on to find out what I deem the most discussion worthy from tonight’s episode!

  1. The untimely resurrection of the title clearly refers directly to the reappearance of Black Jack Randall, which we all knew would be coming before too long. As with the rest of this storyline, the circumstances vary from the book. I found this to be particularly delightful though. His reappearance is quickly followed by the arrival of the King, who clearly has no love lost for British soldiers and succeeds in embarrassing Black Jack handily. I also loved the exchanges of glances as the King sized up the situation. He appears to like his Scottish friends so much that for a moment I thought he would order Black Jack to be arrested just because he can. I really enjoyed seeing him humiliated instead. Given all the drama that is to follow, I thought it was a welcome change.
  2. We find out that Jamie might have indirectly saved Claire that night in the street after all. Apparently on one of their outings to the brothel he told the prince she was La Dame Blanche as an excuse to stay faithful. So on the plus side, the suspects are narrowed down to the prince and everyone else in earshot and anyone else they may have told. I am inclined to think that won’t get them very far. “Giant Scot married to witch,” seems like gossip that would spread through Paris faster than Fergus can steal a letter. I really enjoyed this scene though. It brought up so much of the humor and shared conversation we have been missing from our star duo. In the next scene we discover Murtagh is a man on a mission. Feeling he has failed Jamie by not protecting the women in the attack on the street. He already has found rumors on the gang and is setting out to connect them to the Comte St. Germaine.
  3. I think another resurrection can be attributed to the title of the episode and that is the resurrection of Claire’s concern for Frank. While he has always been in the back of her mind, many of her actions in this episode are driven by her will to protect his existence. I know desperate times call for desperate measures, but am I the only one who wanted to shout at her to get over it? I wanted to, especially in the scene where she convinces Alex to leave Mary. Alex is so noble, it is hard to see how different he is from his brother.
  4. The costumes are on display again in this episode. The ones that really drew me in were the costumes at Versailles. The colors of the King’s uniform are just breathtaking. I also was delighted by Annalise’s gown. I am not sure why they went with her to walk through the garden with Claire, they could have just as easily had Louise there, and I want to know what is up with her in the aftermath of the party. Nevertheless, Annlise’s dress was stunning. The bright colors popped off the screen, especially next to Claire’s predominantly brown and yellow number. I did think that Claire’s dress, while beautiful, seemed very out of place. All of the other fabrics are brightly colored and most of the dresses silks and satins. The brown fabric on Claire was almost reminiscent of the era she came from. When their entire goal in France is to get welcomed into society I am not so sure Claire would dress quite so uniquely.
  5. As I said in my introduction, Sam Heughan is a force to be reckoned with in this episode. I am pretty sure we see every emotion Jamie could feel in the span of this 60 minutes. I think the final fight scene is one of the best we have ever seen from him. I have to say, I have always leaned a little more to Jamie’s side of this fight. Even in the book I think Claire is wrong to ask it of him. He has always been haunted by Frank and when he tells her she is choosing between the two men, I think he is right. One of the more engaging parts of the storytelling in Outlander is that no character is without flaws, so of course I forgive her for this. It would be so easy for an actor to just show anger in this scene, yet Sam manages to convey all of the trauma, rage, heartbreak and fear that goes with it. His final, “Don’t touch me.” Is positively haunting. If those words weren’t followed quickly by scenes from next week I could almost have believed the show was going to go off book and straight up divorce them.

Net week’s episode is titled Best Laid Schemes and is followed by an episode titled Faith. If you know the books, it is easy to see how the timeline will unfold. If you do not, hold on to your seats! This is going to be a long few weeks!

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