Peggy Carter Isn’t Dead

Today was a rough day.

I first heard about the cancellation from a friend.  It was a few moments before the news broke online, so all I texted him back was a single ‘No’.  That got followed by another, and then by a ‘No it isn’t’.  He responded with a simple ‘I’m sorry’, and that was the end of it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t trust him, of course, more that I refused to believe that such a thing would happen.  A few moments after the exchange the tweets started to flow in, and the news stories started breaking.  It was true, ABC had decided to cancel Agent Carter. 

Two years ago I sat live tweeting the series premier of a show that would for all intents and purposes change my life.  The radio show in the first episode filled me with a special kind of feminist rage (like it was supposed to), so I was ranting about it.  A few moments after my posts some guy named Eric Pearson responded with a ‘thank you’, and in splendid Amelia fashion, I started at my screen like ‘who the eff are you, guy?’  After clicking on his name, I discovered that he was one of the writers.  We spoke very briefly, I thanked him for such a good episode, there was bit more banter, and then it was on to the next one.

Agent Carter excelled in inclusion.  Not just in the writing of the show and the diversity of the cast, but the inclusion of the fans.  The cast and crew all made their fans feel like family, and today I’m lucky enough to call a few of them friends.  Friends who I just watched lose their jobs.

It’s so easy to be angry.  It’s easy to point fingers and blame Faceless Executive B, but the fact of the matter is a lot of things go on beyond closed doors that we as fans don’t know.  Am I crushed?  Yeah.  I’m angry and hurt too.  I could lash out and spend a lot of time and energy explaining why this is one of the stupidest decisions that ABC has ever made, but I won’t.  I won’t because Peggy taught me better than that.

peggySince the news broke, I’ve seen a lot of people saying ‘Peggy didn’t deserve to die twice in one week.’  They’re correct, she didn’t, and I’m upset too, but the thing is– Peggy Carter isn’t dead.

This cancellation is the point in the series where everyone looks Peggy in the face and tells her she can’t.  This is the moment when they look down their noses and tell her to fetch lunch.  It’s the moment where they tell her that her instincts are wrong, that there’s no case, and it’s time to go home.

And now’s the time where she would plant her feet and tell them ‘No, you move.’

We may not get any more episodes, or ever see Peggy on screens big or small again, but no one in any network or studio can take away the what she meant.  It’s okay that we’re crying today, because tomorrow we get up and we put to use all of the things that Margaret Peggy Carter taught us.  Tomorrow we be there for our friends with fierce, unwavering loyalty.  We do what we know is right, no matter how scary it may be.  We defend our friends, protect our loved ones, and speak our minds.  We help educate the ignorant and show them new ways.   We use our voices for those who have none, or are too afraid to speak up.

We remember our value, and that anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.


A sincere thank you to everyone who brought this iconic character to life.  I hope that this isn’t really the end, but if it is, we will always remember what you and Peggy taught us.


Amelia Emberwing

Amelia loved many great things as a kid, but Harry Potter and Batman were what really brought her in to the world of fandom. Her tastes are eclectic and she firmly believes that one doesn't have to choose between Marvel and DC or Star Wars and Star Trek. Charities and well developed, strong female characters are the way to her heart, and she survives on a steady IV of caffeine, rants, pixie dust and fangirling.

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