What should I read next? Part 1

There is an overwhelming amount of talented people writing books currently, which often (for me at least) results in the question, what should I read next? I don’t know about you, but my bookshelf is bursting with unread books. The thing that motivates me the most to choose one book over another is frequently reviews and suggestions of friends. So, I’ve put together some series’ that I have enjoyed, and a compilation of why you should also move them up on your “to read” list.


If you liked

The Hunger Games + The Bachelor = Read “The Selection”

What it is: Much like Panem, The Selection is set in a world of eight set castes. Naturally, the 1’s are Royalty,  and when it comes time for the prince to find a princess, instead of holding royal balls the crown holds a “bachelor” style competition. 55 girls are entered for the change, not by choice, but by lottery. For most girls, this is the chance of a lifetime, but for America Singer, it is an unfortunate coincidence. She is forced to leave her family and a boy she loves to compete for a prince she has no interest in, but everything changes when she starts to get to know Prince Maxon.


Why you should read it: It’s fun and witty, while simultaneously tackling complicated subjects like inequality and strict class based infrastructure. Plus it’s pretty hilarious to read the snark that comes from a princess competition.






If you liked

War of the Worlds + The Walking Dead = Read “The 5th Wave”


What it is: Aliens are taking over planet earth, but they need to preserve the planet while also getting rid of pesty humans. As a result, they send wave after wave of devastating blows to humanity, killing them off slowly while preventing large scale devastation. Cassie has somehow survived the first 4 waves, but now she must face the 5th wave in which aliens become like us and start attacking from within. Much like the walking dead, humans are forced to be resourceful in order to survive a world where 80% of humanity is gone.


Why you should read it: As someone who generally hates “end of the world” story lines, I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and had me thoroughly invested in Cassie’s experiences by the end of the 2nd chapter. Rick Yancy does a great job of incorporating teen drama and realistic life or death scenarios in this battle for existence. It’s also a trilogy and the last book comes out in May, so get on it!





If you liked

Star Wars + Disney Princesses = Read “The Lunar Chronicles”


What it is: A sci fi interpretation of the classic fairy tales Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White all intertwined together in an amazing futuristic earth world. Meyer does a fantastic job of keeping the classic storyline, while modernizing the issues each of the main characters present. The ladies of this story save themselves, and sometimes even their princes, making it a forefront of young adult feminism in my mind.


Why you should read it: Seriously, I wrote an entire article about this. It’s fantastic, read the series, and check out my full review here: http://thegeeklyplanet.com/2016/03/lunar-chronicles-review/





If you liked

Hunger Games + X-Men = Read “Red Queen”


What it is: As with the Hunger Games and the Selection, Red Queen is set in a world of inescapable inequality, where your blood determines your worth. Those of the lowest class who live to serve and produce have red blood, while those with mutant-like powers and wealth have silver blood. Everyone is very aware of their lot in life, until Mare Barrows finds herself working at the palace. In spite of all odds and her red blood, Mare finds herself in power of her own abilities, which frightens the silver’s who attempt to put her into hiding as their long lost princess. Knowing the deception and abuse the silvers have had over reds for eternity, Mare is not having it and finds herself behind the largest revolution in history.
Why you should read it: I read this book in the course of 8 hours, I literally could not put it down. Mare is the princess we all need, with wit, sass, and leadership all in a fearless rebel package. It approaches the common topic of inequality from a very Marxist perspective, and makes you want to pick up arms and fight “the man”.

Shannon Bee

Shannon's geekiness began at an early age, growing up surrounded by Star Wars and Star Trek, and an obsession over Batman which continues to this day. She has delved into nearly every type of geekdom, including LARPs, gaming of both the video and board types, books, television, movies, and comic books. Sassiness and feminism abound in her musings, but she always seeks first to bring a smile to other's faces.

Shannon has a degree in Sociology and Women's Studies from the University of Northern Colorado, where she composed her award winning and nationally presented senior thesis titled "Behind the Shield and Under the Sheets: Sex and Sexuality in a Live Action Role Playing Game"
If this is not a statement of her nerdy feminism, what more could there be?

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