Supernatural 11.20 “Don’t Call Me Shurley” Top 5

Welcome to this week’s edition of Supernatural Top 5, the better late than never edition. Hopefully by now you’ve all seen this week’s episode, but if you haven’t please be warned that this top 5 is full of spoilers, some of which have been seasons in the making. Perhaps a little light on brotherly moments, this week’s episode finally brings back plot elements from the first few episode of the season and some of our favorite characters from seasons past. So look away now all ye who have not seen “Don’t Call Me Shurley,” here are my Top 5 moments:


5. The Fog

We’ve seen the fog before in early episodes of the season, but it still remains one of my favorite devices this season. We’re so used to seeing Sam and Dean fight everything that it creates a new dynamic when the bringer of evil is something that can’t be fought. Now, I’m not saying that I necessarily enjoy seeing the Winchesters having to run from danger all the time, but the fog does a great job of showing the audience just how helpless humanity is against The Darkness and the evil that Amara brings.


4. God’s Editor


It must be disorienting to be dumpster diving one moment and then sitting across from a missing deity the next. Especially when that deity, who you are pretty sure is going to smite you, asks for you to edit their autobiography. Metatron may not be the fan favorite, but hats off to him for taking on the task. Not only did it give the fans an opportunity to see the more likeable side of the character, but also made what could’ve been a lot of dry exposition much more palatable. We learned a lot about Chuck Shurley this episode while Metatron read and criticized his uninspired autobiography.


3. Metatron

Metatron has had a rough go of it on Supernatural, being one of the most universally disliked characters. Let’s face it’ there just isn’t a lot of love for the God’s former scribe. It sees to be that close relationship with Chuck, however, that made Metatron the true hero of this week’s episode. Stepping beyond the new bounds of his role as editor for God’s autobiography, Metatron was the one who finally said everything to Chuck’s face that people have been muttering about for seasons. Sure, it got him literally flung out of the bar, but it also got the message through loud and clear. Who knew Metatron was truly that fond of humanity?


2. Chuck Shurley is God


Okay, so it may not be such a huge spoiler, since this is something the Supernatural Family has widely accepted as truth for years; but it’s certainly nice to get the official nod that we were right.


1. “Fare Thee Well”


Talk about an amazing musical choice for the closing scene of this episode. A soulful and heartfelt performance of a parting song, Rob Benedict certainly didn’t let anyone down with this performance. While we don’t yet know what God wrote on the final pages of his autobiography, the song would suggest that he isn’t sticking around for long. Chances are that God will impart some long-overdue advice to Sam and Dean before once again fading into the unknown.


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