Supernatural 11.21 “All in the Family” Top 5


This week on Supernatural, plans are starting to fall into place in preparation for the final showdown with the Darkness. With the big Chuck reveal last week, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not he plans on helping the Winchesters or getting out of the way? And will his power be enough to truly take Amara out once and for all? Look away if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, because here are my top 5 moments for “All in the Family”

5. Gone but not Forgotten

Nothing makes members of the Supernatural family feel all of the feels like a cameo by a character long since passed. We’re used to feeling it whenever there’s a flashback with Bobby, but this week the writers hit us all with an unexpected appearance of our favorite prophet: Kevin. It was short, just long enough for him to vouch for Chuck before getting a divine upgrade, but seeing Kevin briefly definitely pulled at the heart strings.


4. New Prophet in Town


With Kevin officially moving on to what we can only assume is a more grace-filled existence, it’s time for a new prophet. Donatello Redfield, while not quite the youthful or eccentric incarnation of a prophet that we’re used to, is up to bat for the final episodes of Supernatural season 11. While he might be an atheist, it looks like this overwhelmed professor is the next key to reading the language of the angels.


3. The Big Autobiography Reveal

Last week during a moving delivery of “Fare Thee Well” by Rob Benedict, Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) teased the audience with his visceral reaction to the final pages of God’s autobiography; and while many of us had our suspicions from the song choice, we really didn’t have confirmation that Chuck was planning on leaving for good. This week we learned that not only is Chuck leaving, but he’s going to sacrifice himself to The Darkness. That can’t be good for humanity’s chances.


2. Dean vs. God


While the idea of God as the absent father-figure isn’t new to the show (let’s face it, it’s been a constant theme since the writers started working Christian mythology into the plot), the acting done between Rob Benedict and Jensen Ackles made the pain and distrust more real than it’s ever felt. Dean’s tearful inability to understand how God could sit back and let so many terrible things happen in the world was truly show stopping. It was certainly a nice offset to Sam’s blatant fanboying.


1. Metatron


The big redemption moment this week belongs to Metatron. Not only did he spoil the end of God’s autobiography to give the boys a heads up, but he also sacrificed himself to the Darkness so that Sam could escape with Lucifer. While it would’ve been awesome to see his finally spell affect Amara even a little, it was still rewarding to watch the character go out in a truly selfless blaze of glory.

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