Supernatural 11.22 “We Happy Few” Top 5

The whole gang is back this week as Supernatural sets everything in motion for next week’s finale. With the big fight looming, Chuck and the Winchesters not only need to come up with a game plan, but also round up a small army and deal with a less-than-happy Lucifer. Without any Archangels to have his back in the fight against Amara, it’s up to team free will to recruit from heaven to hell if they want the world to keep spinning. The end is frickin’ nigh, y’all! Here are my Top 5 moments from “We Happy Few.”


5. Bitter Teen Lucifer


It’s not a secret that most of the angels have grappled with feelings of abandonment on the dad front, but Lucifer really stepped it up this week in a door slamming, music blasting temper tantrum that would make any rebellious teen clap with admiration. Not only did Lucifer play resentful and petulant to perfection, but he even went so far as to proclaim himself on team Amara- go Amara! You have to feel a little bad for Lucifer, I mean all he wanted was a simple apology, but the whole situation in the Men of Letters bunker really played out as “the worst episode of Full House ever.”


4. Family Counseling

Somehow, dare we say ‘miraculously,’ Lucifer did emerge from the depths of Sam’s room for the most ineffective family counseling session ever. Maybe it’s the idea of Dean leading a family mediation, complete with Dr. Phil style feeling statements, but something just isn’t quite right with this situation. It didn’t help that good old Dad didn’t really seem up for any kind of compromise or apology, genuine or otherwise. Lucifer has never really been the character to root for, but he wins a few sympathy points for having the lordly Lord as his father. Talk about frustrating!


3. -1 Relatability for Chuck


It’s hard to remember in our fandom euphoria at finally gaining the official nod that Chuck Shurley really is God, that God isn’t really the hero of this story. In fact, he’s pretty much one of the farthest things from it. This week the writers did an excellent job making Chuck a pretty unlikable, unrelatable character. Absolutely unwilling to compromise or apologize for any of his past wrongdoings and oversights, Chuck definitely lost a few popularity points- and the story was stronger because of it.


2. +1 Relatability for Amara

On the flip side, Amara leveled up in the relatablity category. We’ve heard a little bit this season about why Amara is so upset with her brother, but this week we finally got to see her side of the story play out against her brother’s. True, she’s still the big bad that needs to go down, but hearing just how alone and hurt she’s felt for the past few million years definitely gains some sympathy from the audience. It’s all about perspective, and in Amara’s eyes she’s the sibling who was cast aside so the other could shine.


1. The Death of God

…or so it seemed. Chuck is still hanging on thanks to Amara’s need to have a super-villain moment, but things aren’t looking good. God is far from invincible and this fight isn’t stacked in his favor. Amara may be monologuing, but she still has the mark and Chuck is down for the count.

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