Supernatural 2.23 “Alpha and Omega” Top 5

This week on Supernatural, we all head in to the final showdown as the sun begins to dim and God is left teetering on the edge of death. With everything thrown at Amara last week having no impact what so ever, things are looking pretty bleak for our heroes. Faced with either scrambling for a plan b or throwing in the towel, it’s down to the wire for humanity and the supernatural alike. The road so far has been a long one, and now it’s time to carry on. No chick flick moments, ladies and gentlemen, here are my top 5 moments from “Alpha and Omega.”


5. Castiel’s (Brief?) Return


On Supernatural, it’s become pretty common for our main heroes to find themselves in mortal peril and then pull through at the last minute; but the idea that Lucifer would stick around and we’d find our show short one awkward angel wasn’t an easy one to consider. Lucky for us, Castiel is back to his old self just in time for the finale and he’s official been proclaimed the third Winchester brother, at least according to Dean.


4. Coming to Terms with the Apocalypse

If I were in Dean’s shoes, I also would’ve headed straight for the beer. Not only does he make a fair point that The Darkness has walked off everything they’ve thrown at her this season, but it was also a nice character moment to remind fans that Dean is still Dean, even in the midst of so much levity and angst. And it wasn’t just Dean who reacted exactly as we’d expect when faced with the whole ‘the sun is dying’ thing. Crowley also heads for some booze- a bit more upscale than beer, Sam broods and looks for a plan B, and Rowena goes in search of a teapot.


3. Ghost Hunting for Souls

As a fandom, we spent most of the first few seasons watching Sam and Dean tackle ghosts one at a time, one haunting every few weeks. As the years have passed, we’ve seen a little less hunting and a little more variety, which has been part of the staying power of the series. This week, watching Sam and Dead take on a horde of ghosts and trap them in a crystal from a witch while still showing off some old classics like rock salt in the shotgun, salt circles, and an iron crowbar not only show how far the duo have come, but gave long-time viewers some fun nostalgia vibes.


2. Billie to the Rescue


Billie has been a phenomenal addition to the plot this year. It makes sense that a Reaper, whose job it is to reap dead souls, would be a little perturbed when two souls just won’t stay dead. Still, even a disgruntled supernatural being can set aside her grudge to momentarily help the downtrodden team out if it means keeping the world afloat for at least one more season; and the best part is that she did it without compromising her ethics. Billie is still out to make sure that the next time a Winchester dies he stays dead. Let’s hope her grudge doesn’t extend to Mary, who is on her first get out of jail free card.


1. End of the Amara Arc


It may not have been the epic battle that we were expecting, but it was a fitting resolution to the Amara arc. In the end, it’s easy to see that this story was never revving up for a fight, but rather a reconciliation. At the end of the day Supernatural has always been a show about families, both traditional and unconventional, so why shouldn’t God get his own family story too?

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