Denver Comic Con – Day 2 Roundup

Anyone who’s attended a comic con before can attest that there’s no scale to explain the kind of tired that is con tired.  Your senses are constantly bombarded all day long as you try to take in all of the amazing geekery that you’ve been waiting all year to be a part of again.  It’s that deeply satisfying kind of tired.  The type that comes with a sleepy smile and the satisfaction that you spent a day (or several) inundated with all of your pop culture favorites.   Denver Comic Con inspires that kind of tired, but this year added a little something extra to that sleepy satisfaction by giving con goers an experience that that won’t be around much longer.  I’m talking, of course, of comic book legend Stan Lee.

IMG_2348Stan is in pretty great health for a 93 year old, so don’t worry!  He’s still kickin’ around just fine, but he has said that he’s getting close to done with conventions.  This means that fans’ opportunity to see him to the extent that DCC attendees did today are dwindling.  This thought dawned on me about half way through his panel, and I found myself overwhelmed with just how lucky we were to listening to this geek god address the room. I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you, but Stan Lee is hilarious.  Don’t let his age fool you, this man is still sharp as a tack, and he’ll let you know in the wittiest way he can.

‘I created the X-Men to show that no one is bad simply because they’re different.’

From quips about making people love a character that’s so hate-able (Tony Stark), all the way to discussions about his family, and how his mother encouraged his creativity and love for reading as a child, Stan had fans who came into the room loving him caring about him even more.  I know I wasn’t the only one in the packed convention hall thinking about just how lucky we were to hear this man talk.

IMG_2424After Stan came Hayley Atwell, received by a room full of adoring Agent Carter fans.  Hayley hasn’t given up on Agent Carter’s renewal, and every time she discussed it, it was with a coy, loving smile.  She knows how blessed she was to play Peggy, and she looked out into the room with pride every time the subject came up.

Atwell is an inspiration to many, but I think the best part of her panel was when a gender bent Peggy came to the mic.  The second Hayley saw him she exploded.

‘Oh my god!  You’re amazing, I love you!  You look better than I do in that skirt! I hate you!’

We’ll have full write-ups of the Stan Lee and Hayley Atwell panels over at The Marvel Report later in the week!

In addition to Atwell and Lee, there were also amazing celebrity panels featuring John Barrowman, Cary Elwis, Lena Headley, Manu Bennet, and more!  While we weren’t able to attend everything we wanted, we did get to snag some awesome cosplay shots from around the con.  Here are some of our favorites, and our full album will be available over on our Facebook later on in the week.


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