Denver Comic Con – Day 3 Roundup

Sunday is usually the wind-down day at most conventions, but that wasn’t even close to the case at Denver Comic Con!  I didn’t stop sprinting from panel to panel until the very end of the day, and even then the convention was still going strong.  Typically everything is dead by 3, but Avistrum Academy’s panel was at 5:15 and they were filled from the gills.  With preliminary numbers of 114,900, it’s not hard to see why!


IMG_2523The final day of the show kicked off with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who was just as charismatic as one would expect.  Since it was fathers day, and he was a last minute guest, his family tagged along, and let me tell you, this man is so hyped about his son.  He was joking about his family throughout the whole panel.  Completely adorable!  On top of the family praises, he also touched on performances in Watchmen, Supernatural, and of course The Walking Dead.  Fans may be stoked about him being cast as Negan, but I don’t think anyone’s more excited about it than him.  One of the most fun moments of the panel was when a fan dressed as The Comedian (JDM’s character in the Watchmen) came up to ask him a question and he brought her on stage.  He was so hyped about her costume, it was magical!


IMG_2640Immediately after his panel came Clark Gregg.  There are so many actors in the geek genre that rock their characters, but aren’t necessarily comic book fans, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but Clark is in a league of his own.  If you think you’re hyped about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and the MCU, you should see how excited he is!  Even better than that is the amount of love he shows to everyone involved.  The casts, crews, fans, everything.  He talked about how at one point he thought that everyone but him knew that he was dying and all of it was the Make A Wish foundation giving him his last wish.  As one would expect, he is fervently Team Cap, and also thinks that the folks attacking comic book creators about Hydra Cap need to take a deep breath and remember it’s a comic book.


IMG_2708The last big panel of the weekend was the Hillywood girls over on the Xfinity stage.  Hannah and Hilly Hindi are just as adorable live as they are on their various social media accounts and their videos, with a deep love for the folks who inspired them to keep going.  A good portion of the panel went to checking out their parodies, which was a hoot and a half.  Being a huge Supernatural fan, that was the only one of their parodies that I had seen, so the LoTR, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who parodies were exciting to see.  Though they couldn’t tell us exactly when their Sherlock parody would be live, they did give some hints at future parodies, teasing the chance of another Harry Potter, Walking Dead, and perhaps even a SuperWhoLock one down the road.


After we finished up with the Hillywood panel, it was time to head to our very own show.  We threw Geek Jeopardy in two panel rooms combined into one, and there was hardly an empty seat in the house.  There was a huge line before I even walked in the door!  I’ll be honest, I was quite surprised.  I had thought everyone would have left by then, but that wasn’t the case at all.  Running Jeopardy, there are always a few questions that completely stump the contestants, but thankfully there weren’t too many!

Once the Geek Jeopardy panel had wrapped, the lot of us made our way home from the weekend with our hearts full of geek joy.  Hopefully most of you felt the same and avoided any con crud that may have come your way.  That’s it from us for this year!  If you keep an eye on our Facebook, the full lineup of celebrity shots will be posted, and for you cosplayers out there, our Cosplay Spotlight is already live!

Till next time, Denver!

Amelia Emberwing

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