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Amelia almost made it easy on me by being on top of all the Denver Comic Con 2016 coverage. She got the pictures, she went to the spotlights, she did the panels. She did way more than I did, and I had someone else with me, helping me with all the shenanigans. So, I’ll try to give a different perspective on the events of Denver Comic Con from an outsiders perspective. Someone from a different state, and a different mind set.

DISCLAIMER: I went to this convention exhausted, my mason jar full (which is not a euphemism, just a weird way to say I had a lot going on in the brain department), and loopy enough to kind of be funny, but also kind of be annoying. An example of this can be seen below.

I was not prepared for the vast ocean of people who decided that this was the convention to be at. And they had a good reason to want to attend. After the few hiccups from last year’s Con, the fine folk at Pop Culture Classroom, upped their game and gave the fans one of the best experiences this side of the Rocky Mountains.

The celebrities attending this year’s DCC 2016, where all fantastic, with Marvel powerhouses like Stan Lee, Hayley Atwell, & Clark Gregg doing panels and taking pictures, and John Barrowman bringing down the house, through his usual wit, charisma, and love of his fans. Every guest had a fan base ready and eager to meet their heroes. The sheer love could be felt throughout the convention floor.

To concentrate on the big stars would do a disservice to the artists and writers, local and from abroad, who found a lot of affection from the community. Every row was packed with cosplayers and fans, who were flocking to their favorite creator. It’s that sense of local pride and adoration for the Colorado based businesses and artists and comic book creators that sets it apart from other conventions. It’s that local connection that really brings a high energy to the entire Convention Center.

Then there were the panel rooms, with an emphasis on education, science, and technology. I was personally, in heaven, as I wandered from room to room of NASA based panels, and rooms filled with simulators, and virtual entertainment. We spoke with experts in the art of lock picking, and space exploration and my giddiness was apparent.

Denver Comic Con had it all, and with the geekery, was one of the two interviews I did at DCC 2016. One that I did with our own Amelia Emberwing. Learn more about her passions, her love of charity and geekdom, and listen to her give advice to a world weary podcaster who wasn’t prepared to overshare. Those who know her are probably thinking, “The Force is strong with this one, see! Of course she got you to squawk like a canary, see?” My attempt at a 40’s gangster impression in writing.

So if you can only go to one convention this year, go to San Diego. But if you can go to two? Well, that’s when you get out to Denver Comic Con. Where they like to see you visit, but love to see you leave.


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