Game of Thrones 6.07 “The Broken Man” Top 5

Last week’s Game of Thrones left something to be desired, but “The Broken Man” seemed to deliver on all fronts. Ultimately, the episode was not too different from the last in terms of offering the story lines a push in the right direction. We know where most arcs are heading and we have some exciting things to look forward to. Picture this week? None other than the badass Lady Mormont. This time I’ve included a video as well. GRAVEDIGGER!

5. A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

Natalie Dormer has been pulling some inception level acting and should be commended for her acting while acting. Margaery let us know this week that she was just playing the Game of Thrones. She’s slipped Lady Olenna a nice knot with the Tyrell house sigil, signifying Marg has everything under control and is doing what needs to be done. Exactly what, that is? That is for no one to know but Marg. Meanwhile, High Sparrow is running around, removing all the pieces he can from the board in terms of competition and this week found Olenna in the Faith Militant’s cross hairs. I’ve had theories about Margaery, but it was safe to assume she hadn’t made the full turn to the faith.

On the other side of King’s Landing, Olenna is on her way out after a little pep-talk from the Queen. Grandma Tyrell is one of my personal favorites and before she finds herself in travel, she does well to trade words with Cersi. The former Queen keeps finding herself between a rock and a hard place. What will she do when she has nothing left?


Speculation: I’m without knowledge of where the Queen is taking her current deception but hopefully it ends with the fall of the Faith Militant. Maybe she is just waiting for Cersi to make a move so she can swoop in to be the savior. However, Cersi is starting to get backed against a wall and if this episode taught us anything at all, the trial by combat may not be going the way she thought. What does she do if she has nothing left to live for? Remember when she almost fed her child the poison during the Battle of Blackwater? With Cersi, there are no limits and there is a lot of wild fire still sitting under Kings Landing.  Wild fire that we saw exploding during Bran’s vision.

4. A Wolf & A Bastard

Short and sweet here. The Starks didn’t do bad but they surely didn’t do well. We saw some trips around the North to gather support. They gained a couple bears, lost the glovers and had a fight among themselves. Sansa Stark, Sansa Bolton, or Sansa Lannister, depending on what you’d like to call her, has some words for someone as she’s sending ravens quietly behind Jon’s back.

Now, I’d like everyone stand up and clap. It’s fine, I know you’re in the office or sitting alone somewhere but just stand up and clap. No, it doesn’t matter that you’ll look crazy because we’re clapping for Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont. She put on a show and demonstrated that not every child ruler is incapable of making smart and educated decisions. Not only did she lay into and shut up both Sansa and Jon, but Davos as the speaker as well (which is probably what should have happen from the beginning). Now seriously, stand up and clap because Lyanna Mormont was amazing and it’ll be a shame if we don’t see her again. Also her delivery of 62 men should be fun to watch.


Speculation: They’re very keen Jon has decided it’s time to take Winterfell back, while Sansa believes they need more troops. It seems fair to assume she’s sending off for the Knights of the Veil and Little Finger. It’ll be nice to pull Baelish back into the fold. I’d really, really hate to see the Bolton’s win and with this show I’m not putting anything past them. The

3. The Greyjoy’s Search 

Short one here too, (get it? Because this one is about Theon?) But as speculated a couple episodes ago, Theon and Yara are on their way to track down Dany and hopefully get her the ships she needs. They’re most likely going to have better luck than Euron, based on the fact that Yara and Theon are doing it to save themselves, and Euron wants to force marriage on Dany. No speculation here, the good Greyjoy’s are going to meet Dany and it is going to be amazing. Euron is bound to throw a wrench in the spokes and cause some issues.

2. A Girl Needs to be Smarter…or Does She?

This can’t have been Arya. No way. Not believable. Or was it? How did she get the silver? Why didn’t she have needle? She was prepared while going to bed last episode, so why wouldn’t she be prepared in the daylight? She had to have known right? Well if it is or isn’t her we know she’s stabbed and needs some help.

The Waif though? She clearly can’t handle the Faceless Men’s rules any better than Arya. She was asked to make it quick and offer no suffering, and she clearly did the opposite when she turned the knife.


Speculation: Popular theory suggest it was not Arya who was stabbed but instead Jacqen using Arya’s face in order to actually test Waif, who has clearly been failing since Arya has arrived. Maybe it is simple, it’s Arya, nothing more and she’s gonna need some help from the actress she saved. Maybe, just maybe, it’s Syrio from Season 1 and he’s going to make a triumphant return in order to save Arya…hopefully but not likely. But if we didn’t see him die on screen, is he really dead? This episode we learned how that goes…


The Hound is back! Sandor Clegane has returned. What is hype may never die. If you need some hype, please click here!


Speculation: The Hound is pissed and he’s going for the Botherhood without Banners. Is it the same Brotherhood we saw back when Gendry (read: abandoned storylines) was about to join them, or is it likely someone else is running the BWB? Maybe a specific lady who never made her anticipated return? Lady Stoneheart is known to be a little more ruthless. Ultimately, we need him in King’s Landing, so let’s hope we find him in a trial by combat against the Mountain. CLEGANE BOWL!


With tons of story-lines going on within the show, there is never enough time for everything. Here are some other things of note that happened:

-Jamie Lannister. I love Jamie. As long he’s not in King’s Landing. He remains forever a villain as long as he remains in love with his sister. Every step he takes forward he ends up moving backwards after kissing Cersi. During “The Broken Man” he got embarrassed by Tully. Shout out to the great greetings to each other. Kingslayer. Blackfish. Perfect. Jamie wants back into King’s Landing. He needs Riverrun back before that can happen. Excellent battle scene is sure to follow.

-Bronn. He’s just perfect. He’s a great example of a light character. He’s not good. He’s not evil. He’s a sell sword who’s in it for himself and he makes us laugh along the way. He is easily one of my favorite characters and it was amazing having him back. I’ll leave you with the best line of the episode and leave any additional thoughts below.

Jamie: “A Lannister always pay his….”
Bronn: “Oh don’t fookin’ say it” *rides off*
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Zach Ricketts

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