Game of Thrones 6.10 “The Winds of Winter” Top 5

“The Winds of Winter” was not only one of Game of Thrones’ best season finales but possibly one of the best season finales of any show I’ve watched. 6 years many of us have sat in front of the TV waiting for the events of Game of Thrones to unravel. We dealt with heartbreak, sadness, anger, disbelief and many more emotions. I’ve said I love this show and I’ve said I hate this show. In all reality it is easily one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. It’s my favorite show of all time and I don’t even know the ending. This isn’t the end but it does accomplish many things fans have been asking for, and it does it in style.

There is a mystery behind the power of Game of Thrones and I’d like to thank Miguel Sapochnik, the director of episodes such as “Hardhome,” “The Battle of the Bastards,” and now “The Winds of Winter.” I’ve never enjoyed an episode of anything as much as I’ve enjoyed what Sapochnik brings to the show. Thank you for capturing and delivering the magic of Game of Thrones. Now onward.

Season 6 is gone and we have 42 weeks before Season 7 but we now have 3 new members of Royalty so we have plenty to talk about.

#5 The Starks Send Their Regards
-A girl is Arya Stark and the Starks send their regards. This scene was awesome, since it was another twist I hadn’t expected for the season finale. Arya is as badass as it gets and Cersi is next on the list. Shout-out to the meat pie that she made of Walder Frey’s sons. Some viewers will recall Bran telling the story of the Rat Cook and the punishment given to those who forsake hospitality and kill guests under their roofs. Readers will enjoy the nod to Manderly who’s suspected to have done the same in the books.

#4 Davos Seaworth


-Davos had to deal with some pain of his own this episode and while some thought he might kill the Red Woman, he took her to Jon Snow instead and allowed his commander make a call. Jon did the best he could to find a happy medium. He knew he was alive due to the magic of the Red Woman but he also knew she was wrong for her actions against Shireen.  This allows us to come full circle with Melisandre and Arya. Back in season 2 she said she would see Arya again and with both of them south of Winterfell the time is ripe for a meeting between them. Also, take a bow Liam Cunningham. You sir are an amazing actor and a joy to watch on screen.

#3 The Mad Queen

Vengeance showed it’s face as the Queen Mother revealed the full plan to a wounded Brother Lancel while he crawled toward a burning candle surrounded by wildfire. Maester Pycelle met a deadly end at the hands of the “little birds,” controlled by Qyburn in the wake of Varys absence. The High Sparrow and his faith Militant are dead, as is the former queen Marg and her brother Loras. Cersi channeled her inner Walter White as her methodical plan was executed flawlessly and the Temple of the Faith Militant fell in a spectacular green blaze. It is important to note there are most likely more caches of Wildfire below Kings Landing still.

Cersi did it, she really did it. She pulled a mad king, burned them all and chose violence. Tommen did not. The King choose death in a dramatic and poignant scene as he let himself fall from the window.

The new Queen of the 7 kingdoms has brought on the death of her children because of her actions. She’s accepted her lightly veiled Valonqar prophecy and come to terms with the loss of her children, the one thing she truly loved. She showed little emotion from the death of Tommen, which is not to say she was unhurt by his actions, but she had come to peace with it knowing it was coming to pass. She’s free. She has nothing left holding her back now and that could be a problem for those searching the seat of the throne.

However, Jamie’s face bled with pain and sorrow as he arrived just in time to see his Sister take the Iron Throne. Jamie took the “Kingslayer” name in order to save King’s Landing from the Mad King’s wildfire plot only to have his lover turn around a do the same thing, and now he’s lost his last son. Everything he’s done, every choice he has made was for her so they could be together. Everything she’s done has always been for herself. Jamie was the last to see the Mad King upon the throne, and now he is staring at the Mad Queen.

#2 Daenarys Targaryen Sails West
Dany Sailing

The show was playing “mop up” in Meereen as Dany let Dario fall to the wayside as she plans her move to the 7 kingdoms. Westeros was always the end game. She’s amassed an army, a fleet of ships, and 3 grown dragons. She has the arguably the best advisor council in the land with the new Hand of the Queen, Tyrion. It’s possible Olenna will join her council as Varys has succeeded in convincing Dorne and High Garden to join their cause.

“You’re in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying.” These are Tyrion’s words to the Queen before being appointed the Hand of the Queen. We’ve waited a long bit of time to see Dany take her army across the great sea, and what a shot it was to see. Blood & Fire have returned to Westeros, but we know Euron Greyjoy is still out there, and I’m sure he’ll have something to say about the ships coming his way. But for now bask in the glory of the Queen.

#1 The White Wolf, King of the North

Lady Mormont! Queen of the North! She’s not really, but I know I’d follow her into any battle. If I was giving out MVP awards for the season Lyanna Mormont would take the trophy. She is simply amazing and called a bunch of grown men out and it was easily one of the best parts of the episode and that speaks volumes because this episode had plenty of them.

Now, onto the actual King of the North. Jon and Sansa appeared to patch things up after the little lie that led to thousands dying. Little finger still had much to say to Sansa and holds hard feelings toward Jon Snow as it appears he’s messing up Petyr’s plan of taking the Iron Throne. This is the first time we’ve had Baelish’s full plan explained as his desire is to take the Iron Throne with Sansa by his side. Sansa put full stop to Little Finger’s dream as far as she was concerned. This is surely not finished, and it is going to be very interesting on how Little Finger figures into the coming seasons.

JON STARKGARYEN! Starting next season, we do know that Jon Snow has been declared King of the North. However, this wasn’t the biggest thing that happened. Bran did the viewers a solid and finally showed us the happenings of the Tower of Joy. It was, as predicted, Lyanna Stark dying from child birth after Jon Snow (Stark)(Targaryen)(Starkgaryen?) had entered the world and a promise was made by the most honorable man in the kingdom to keep him safe from Robert. Bran is the only one who knows this now and the implications of this have a chance to be huge, but of course we’ll never know.

Does he take the Targaryen name? Does he take the Stark name? Can he legtimize himself now? Will he get along with his Aunt? When will he find out Dany is his Aunt? As far as Jon is concerned, I do believe he is a Stark and will carry that moving forward.

Remember this is “A Song of Ice & Fire” not ice OR fire. I want to say it’s safe to assume we’ll see the long awaited teamwork of The White Wolf and The Mother of Dragons. But it is not safe to assume anything with Game of Thrones.


With tons of story lines going on withing the show there is never enough time for everything. Here are some other things of note that happened.


-We got to see Cold Hands for another episode although it seems he’s left Bran to go kill some White Walkers. And before you want to get mad at him for leaving, remember at least someone is fighting the White Walkers.

– Another tip of the hat to Miguel Sapochnik for delivering some of the best TV ever made. I’d like to recommend you listen to the soundtrack from last nights episode. The music was a large reason this episode delivered so much. You can find the link here.

Thanks for a great season HBO. Only 42 weeks left…

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