That Perfect Pair of Genes

Everyone has their idea of the perfect human being, blessed with perfect genes. Some will have an actor or actress in mind as that perfect specimen of what the human race can become, others an athlete, or someone in the military. But in reality, there is no such thing as THE perfect representation of the human form. In 2014, scientists determined that Puerto Ricans are as close as we are going to get to the perfect, genetic, human being, thanks to their ancestry. But is there such a thing as the perfect homo sapien?

A couple of months ago, a group of scientists gathered together and had themselves a secret meeting over at Harvard University. Now we’ve learned that this meeting was all about creating a synthetic, human genome. It was felt, that since the human genome was mapped out, why not try and make one in a lab? It sounds so innocent, in the grand scheme of things, until you realize that the genome is the set of genetic instructions that make up you and me! They could potentially clone or create people, and try to take over the world! Okay, that’s hyperbole, but they would have been better off learning how to clone Dino DNA. It might actually be less devastating. Right, Mr. DNA?

We should note that the manipulation of genomes is not new. Scientists have been doing this for awhile to help combat diseases or correct potential birth defects. But that was all about editing existing genomes, not making one from scratch.

Designer babies seems like a first step; changing the genes needed to make sure a baby wouldn’t be born with a particular type of illness or impediment. In time, this research can be taken a step further, and allow for the creation of human beings that are immune to diseases or the common cold. Or, even, create humans in the lab without parentage. Synthetic people, that look and act like your neighbor, but made entirely in a laboratory. Practically perfect in every way. Like Mary Poppins…

But I should not blow this whole thing out of proportion. This fantasy future is decades off. The current Human Genome Project-write, which I think is a horrible name, is just starting off, and needs billions of dollars in funding to get off the ground. But it has started. So let’s have some fun, guessing what the next twenty years has in store for us.

We know that we can upgrade our bodies with sub-dermal technology, Combine that with a synthetic human, and we might as well upgrade their title from Homo Sapien to Homo Superior.

This could also potentially mean that the future human race could be born (or created) without any disability or defect. No longer will children enter this world with a “handicap” (which could mean fewer inspirational stories), like a missing limb, or a food allergy. Children could potentially be born into this world, physically flawless. Maybe even psychologically flawless. Gone will be the days of depression and Alzheimers. It could be a new age of ridiculously happy and content people.

Magneto was right. The homo sapien will soon be inferior to the Homo Superior. We are the future Charles, not them! The age of the average man, woman, and child, may soon be, extinct.

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