Agents of SHIELD 4.01 “The Ghost” Top 5

Well, Agents of SHIELD came out swinging in their season 4 premiere, “The Ghost.” We immediately got a little taste of Ghost Rider, his ’69 Dodge Charger,  and what Robbie might be capable of this season. With the new season picking up after the 6-month flash forward that season 3’s finale ended with, we see rogue Daisy in action. We see Coulson as an agent instead of the Director of SHIELD. We see the beginning of all sorts of story lines to unfold. Here’s a look at my top 5 moments from last night’s premiere, “The Ghost.”


5. Rogue Daisy

Daisy and Yoyo

We got to see Daisy in this episode, staying hidden, even from SHIELD. As it turns out, she’s been hunting down Watchdogs and the local gangs that have been working with them. The bridges and banks that she has taken out, which have earned her the reputation of “public menace,” have been escape routes of the Watchdogs and banks from which they were getting money. Although it may not be the best course of action, she seems to think she’s doing it for the greater good. We will have to see how her story line plays out in this regard.

We see that she and Yoyo have been in contact. They meet on the bus, like it’s a fairly routine thing. They’ve been texting to try to help each other. And Yoyo hasn’t given Daisy up to SHIELD yet. Another interesting story line that I’m interested to see unfold.

Lastly, Daisy takes on Robbie Reyes, A.K.A. Ghost Rider. The powers battle. As Robbie flames up into Ghost Rider, he’s posed to kill Daisy. In a stunningly vulnerable moment, Daisy actually tells Ghost Rider to kill her, that she deserves it. It seemed to be an honest plea to me, and that has me a little worried.

4. New weapon against the Inhumans

It seems that the gang that Daisy and Ghost Rider were both hunting down in the beginning of the show were hired by the Chinese mafia to procure a weapon for them that they could use against Inhumans. When they get the weapon and open the box, a strange mist/power thing floats out of it and into some of the mafia members. Some weird ghost apparitions appear next to one of them and whispers “breath of fresh air.” When May and her team come in and take these guys down, she feels the presence of these apparitions too. And again when they have the mafia members and the box on the Zephyr, headed back to HQ. What does “breath of fresh air” mean? Who are these apparitions? What power can they wield to battle Inhumans? What does this mean for May? What was the box containing them? So many questions.

3. New Director

"I don't trust the new Director. But he trusts me."
“I don’t trust the new Director. But he trusts me.”

We didn’t get to see the new Director of SHIELD quite yet, but we definitely felt his influence on SHIELD among the team members. The team was purposely divided by the Director. He changed all the clearance levels. He has made nearly everything Classified (which seems to be a point of contention to nearly everyone). He has given the OK to take down Daisy. He seems to trust Simmons, but not too many other people. All in all, he seems like a not-so-likable kind of guy. Can’t wait to finally meet him.


AIDA - The new shield
AIDA – The new shield

Ah yes, Radcliffe…making some very advanced AI has always worked out so well, hasn’t it? AIDA is the incredibly lifelike AI “robot” that Radcliffe has designed. Of course, as we learn from AIDA herself, Radcliffe hasn’t programmed her to do bad things. Instead, she has been made to be sent into battle, to protect the Agents; to be a “shield.” (See what they did there? …Agents of…shield?) There’s no possible way (especially in a universe in which Ultron nearly destroyed the world) that this could go wrong.

And in what he probably thinks was the right move, Fitz has decided it best to not tell Simmons about AIDA because then she would have to tell the Director. Keeping secrets in relationships has always gone well too, right?

The whole AIDA situation seems to have bad news written all over it.

  1. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

And of course, the crowning glory of the new season, Ghost Rider made his appearance. His debut was immediate and strong. The Aryan Brotherhood members were scared of him. His car absorbed the blast of an RPG shot, and it basically just made it angry. When fighting Daisy, Robbie tells her that “I’m not the one who decides” who dies, and then his face turns into a flaming skull, Robbie seems to melt away with it, and whatever is left approaches Daisy to kill her…but he doesn’t.

Ghost Rider seems to be hunting down bad guys that deserve it; like he is a vigilante of some scary variety. He is killing bad people, people who do bad things. That doesn’t seem like a bad thing. But having a one man justice team isn’t a great thing either.

As the episode closes out, we see Robbie helping his brother that is in a wheelchair. It seems that there are two sides to this guy.

The visual effects that were used to create and bring Ghost Rider to life were incredible and I can’t wait to see more of him this season.

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