Arrow 5.03 ‘A Matter of Trust’ Top 5

Arrow 5.09 'What We Leave Behind' Top 5

This week on Arrow ‘A Matter of Trust’ saw Oliver start to successfully balance his identities as both the Mayor and Green Arrow, Thea face the fallout of a hiring decision and Diggle embark on a new journey. Here is my Arrow 5.03 ‘A Matter of Trust’ Top 5

Oliver Queen

After a rocky start balancing his identities as both Mayor and lead vigilante in episodes one and two, this episode finally allowed us a glimpse at how suited he is to both roles. As Felicity pointed out, he needs to trust his team and his team needs to trust him, whether it’s at City Hall or in the Arrow Cave. It was good to see Oliver take ownership of shortcomings as a leader, and not only that, take steps to build that trust. Something that has frustrated me about the beginning of this season (and last season to an extent) is that given Oliver’s journey so far how uncharacteristic his behaviour has appeared. This episode was the first I’ve watched since 4.06 where I felt that Oliver’s characterisation was in line with the characters timeline and journey. Here’s hoping that it sticks.

Arrow 5.03 'A Matter of Trust' Top 5

John Diggle

Diggle is beginning to mirror an early Season 1 Oliver, something that I anticipated following the events of last season. Diggle has always been a complex character with a history of war, but he has also been the beacon for Oliver proving that you can indeed survive. However, it looks like now Oliver may have to become that beacon for Diggle. A darker, more reserved, and guilt ridden Diggle is a journey which I’m both tentative to watch but also really excited for. I have loved David Ramsey’s portrayal of Diggle from the start, so I’m particularly excited for where he can take the character.

Arrow 5.03 'A Matter of Trust' Top 5

Thea Queen

Since her departure from her role as a vigilante Thea’s character growth has been immense and so far, I’m really enjoying her this season. This episode saw her having to deal with the consequences of appointing Quentin as the Deputy Mayor. It was nice to see her take ownership of her mistakes, and openly communicate with Oliver about what went wrong. Like Oliver, I haven’t always felt that Thea’s characterisation matches her character’s timeline and journey, but this episode felt right and I hope we see more of this.

Arrow 5.03 'A Matter of Trust' Top 5

Rene Ramirez

So far I am enjoying all of the new additions to Team Arrow (is it 5.0 now…), but the one that stands out the most is Rene Ramirez. He is bringing a much needed fire to the team. His combination of life experience, cynicism and stubbornness make him a worthy sparring partner (both verbally and physically) for Oliver. It also doesn’t hurt to have someone else to knock Oliver down a few pegs when necessary.

Arrow 5.03 'A Matter of Trust' Top 5

Rory aka Ragman

I am really intrigued to see how this character develops, particularly given his origins (Havenrock). Whilst, I would not be surprised to see him turn on Felicity as revenge for the tragic events at Havenrock or turn against the team as a whole, at this early point in the season, it can be hard to tell the trajectory of a new character. Looks like we’ll be doing a bit of waiting and seeing.

Arrow 5.03 'A Matter of Trust' Top 5
Side Notes:
– I loved the scenes between Deadshot + Diggle
– Lyla’s back, more of Audrey please!!
– Flashbacks continue to be fantastic
– Loved the subtle pop culture/Stardust references littered throughout the episode.
– Was it just me or was there some flirty-flirt between that journalist and Thea…

What was your favourite moment from the episode?

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