Arrow 5.04 ‘Penance’ Top 5

Arrow 5.04 'Penance' Top 5

I must admitted I’m finding it increasingly more frustrating to watch Arrow as the Season progresses. There is a lack of continuity between episodes and the characterisation feels inconsistent. Regardless, I’m stubborn, and a long time fan so I continue to watch. Here are my thoughts: Arrow 5.04 ‘Penance’ Top 5

Arrow 5.04 'Penance' Top 5

Felicity Smoak

My notes on Felicity are very short, but at this point, it’s all I have to say: Why is her storyline on relevant when it benefits the male members of Team Arrow? Is she not strong enough to grapple with complex emotions or is she just too much of a woman?

Arrow 5.04 'Penance' Top 5


As I mentioned above, big part of what I’m struggling with this season of the Arrow is the lack of consistency from episode to episode. So far in Season 5 the characterisation, writing, and the storylines have felt disconnected, and frankly at times, poorly thought out. As a long time viewer, and fan of the show it’s incredibly frustrating to watch.

Don’t believe me, well, I want to know why all of a sudden Diggle has a son? As an example, I felt that the characterisation last episode was spot on, the format of the episode flowed organically and it was the perfect mix of action, humour, and humanity. This episode, however, felt like it wasn’t even an episode of Arrow. This is a problem and it’s one I hope that the Arrow writers are working to address because without consistency, I’m going to find it very hard to continue watching.

Arrow 5.04 'Penance' Top 5

Team Arrow

Whilst it’s interesting to have a new dynamic added to team Arrow with the addition of the new members, I find it hard to value these characters when I don’t fully understand the motivation behind their mission. It’s a struggle to be engaged by their storylines, particularly when it feels like their decisions come out of absolutely no where. That being said, I’m particularly enjoying the addition of Rene Rameriz aka ‘Wild Dog’ he brings a fire to the team which is lacking.

Arrow 5.04 'Penance' Top 5

The Flashbacks

The flashbacks in Season 5 are redeeming the show. After hearing snippets about Oliver’s time in Russia, and coming to understand how much his time there influenced who he is today. It’s been fantastic to see those played out on screen.

Arrow 5.04 'Penance' Top 5

The Mayor’s Office

I pointed out earlier in the season that the focus on the balance (or lack thereof) between Oliver’s life as the Green Arrow and Mayor felt overstated. This episode felt different, and it’s the first episode of the season where as a viewer it felt like an organic balance between the two. I do not trust the new DA, but I am enjoying the dynamic he brings to the office, he keeps everyone on their toes and he isn’t an idiot. It’s refreshing.

Arrow 5.04 'Penance' Top 5

Side notes:

1. Could someone please explain to me why Diggle has a son instead of a daughter all of a sudden?
2. The cinematography this episode was divine to watch.
3. There is a rift slowly growing between Oliver and Felicity which is growing to crack wide open any minute.
4. I still don’t know how i feel about Curtis being Mr Terrific.

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