Gotham 3.03 “Look into my Eyes” Top 5

This week’s episode of Gotham brings the audience face to face with a true criminal mastermind, a newly sane old friend, romantic rejection, and a campaign that aims to put the villains back where they belong- in politics. Jim Gordon may have found his stride as a famous bounty hunter, but he’s struggling a little with his personal life. Meanwhile, a new bad guy’s in town with a talent that leaves even Jim Gordon at his mercy. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne 2.0 drops some hints that suggest what his purpose in the Indian Hill program might have been. A lot happened on tonight’s episode of Gotham, and here are my top 5:


5. Jim Gordon’s Love Life

Valerie isn’t too interested in commitment and Lee is totally committed- to a Falcone. Poor Jim, who has previously been the center of attention for any romantic story line, is suddenly out of the loop. Jim’s bad luck with the ladies probably won’t last for many more episodes, but for now it really shows just how rough life is for him.


4. Nygma and Penguin on the Trail

He’s not “sane,” but that might make him the perfect fit to run a political campaign. With his Arkham certificate in hand, Nygma is free to run Oswald’s bid for political office. Things are certain to be entertaining, if not questionably legal.


3. 5148

There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to mysterious Doppelgänger Wayne. What we do know is he’s from Indian Hill. Other than that all we have are some breadcrumbs to theorize about. While nothing seems malicious, all signs point to the theory that “Five” was created to replace Bruce… or destroy Bruce… or maybe both. It’s still hard to say how this story will play out, but it’s keeping us guessing for now.


2. Bounty Hunter Gordon


It’s been a strange trail that led Jim Gordon from the poster child for GCPD to famed bounty hunter, but here we are. Now Jim is working for the highest bidder, even if that person is a little less than savory. Luckily, his new role in the underbelly of Gotham gives us a new way to see the villains in the Mad City. This week’s introduction to Jervis Tetch and Alice worked especially well. True, it did almost Kill Jim Gordon, but it also kept the audience wondering what’s up with the Mad Hatter and Alice.


1. Mad Hatter


In a Mad City filled with mutants and super villains, it’s refreshing to have a villain who seems to have a craft that he learned rather than inherited from a freak accident. Jervis Tetch is the criminal mastermind who uses hypnosis, cunning, and patience to get where he wants. He isn’t the whimsical Mad Hatter that we expected, but that may be for the best. While his affiliations with toxically blooded sister Alice could hint at something mutated, so far Tetch appears to fit in the ranks with the masterminds and not the master monsters.


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