Gotham 3.05 “Anything for You” Top 5

Gotham continues its tour through the Mad City continues with “Anything for You.” There weren’t any new villains introduced this week. Instead, the writers fell back on the impressive ensemble cast of established villains and dove deeper into the relationships that drive this story. Whether it’s love, politics, or leverage that connect these characters, the writers are doing a fantastic job of weaving together every layer of Gotham’s society into one tangled web. Confessions, betrayal, and deceit abound as Butch tries to reclaim his position as Penguin’s number two, Bruce attempts to help Selina search for her missing friend, and Ed pulls the strings that link everyone together.


Ivy’s Back


She’s back, but she’s definitely nothing like she was before. In fact, she’s downright hostile to Selina. Whatever happened during that transformation, it certainly washed the sweet and lovable Ivy right down the drain. It’s no secret that I’m jumping up and down with excitement for this story line. I am a huge fan of strong female characters and Ivy has the potential to be amazing. Hopefully we’ll find out soon just where Ivy fits in to the criminal world of Gotham. Will she join a team or work as an independent?


Not Everyone Loves the New Mayor


It wouldn’t be Gotham if everyone loved the Mayor. Who cares that the new Mayor is pulled straight from the criminal underground? Or that he throws a pretty swanky party? Everyone is vying for the chance to be Gotham’s #1 crime boss, and to do that they need to take out the newest top dog. Butch is leading the Red Hood Gang, Tabitha is throwing her hat in with Butch, and Barbara is along for the ride. For a minute it even seemed like Nygma was ready to turn against his dear friend. Poor Oswald, who can you trust?


Political Mastermind


Behind all of the crazy political shenanigans that abound these days in Gotham, there’s a man pulling the strings. Nygma has a knack for the seedy, underhanded dealings of politics and he’s making sure that everything happens so that Oswald ends up on top. He’s not insane (he’s got a certificate to prove it), but Edward Nygma certainly has a twisted enough mind to be the perfect head of staff for the man currently in charge of the Mad City.


Changes Are Coming


It’s too late to turn back for Captain Barnes. Alice’s blood is in his system and he’s going to be experiencing some serious growing pains. It’s not all bad though. In fact, Barnes seems to be a bit addicted to the transformation flowing through his veins. Unfortunately, insanity also seems to be a pretty common side effect. Only time will tell how our beloved GCPD Captain will handle what’s happening to him.


The Cat and the Bat


The on again, off again romance and rivalry between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle is a cornerstone of the Batman comics. Seeing it start in their early years is just one of the little charming things about Gotham. It’s so much fun to watch Bruce Wayne come to terms with just how much he cares about Selina Kyle one little step at a time. The fact that he cares about Ivy because she’s a friend of Selina’s really paints what has been a broody, moody character in a much more sentimental light. It’s a cute crush, even if we all know how complicated it’s going to get.

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