Jane the Virgin 3.01 “Chapter Forty-Five” Top 5

Jane the Virgin is back this week with Chapter Forty-Five. I have decided to pick up Top 5s for this show as well as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Between the two I am pretty sure I will survive Droughtlander! It seems that my inner geek loves shows that pair well with a glass of wine. In true telenovela form, you really don’t need all the backstory to pick up Jane the Virgin right now. The helpful narrator gives you a rundown of important points from the past at the top of each episode. Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger and I have been waiting (obsessing) over the details all summer. So let’s jump in and see if our leading man will live to love another day. Here are my top 5 topics for this week’s Jane the Virgin.

Jane’s Still a Virgin

After the wedding night getting cut short by, you know, Michael getting shot by his partner, Jane is still waiting for her life as a married woman to begin. Unfortunately for her, instead of beginning in the bedroom, it begins in the hospital. Gina Rodriguez is stunning in this episode. From the overwhelming grief in the waiting room, to the sunny 21 year old in love, Gina reminds us that, while there are always a plethora of storylines, this is Jane’s show!


I absolutely love the hashtags they flash on the screen. #Petrafied is one of my favorites. We find out this week that Petra’s condition is only sustained if Anezka get’s to her and administers another dose of the poison on a regular basis. What surprises me most about this storyline is how genuinely concerned I am for Petra! I can’t wait until she comes back and wages her revenge on Anezka and her mother, who have planned this together. At the end we also get a hint they are coming for Rafael. It seems they have a plan to remove both Solano’s. I am not entirely sure why they are working so hard to keep Petra alive if that is the case. Could just be for telenovela dramatic effect, or they might have more up their sleeves.

It Is Not a Wonderful Day to be Rogelio

Rogelio is easily one of the funniest characters on the show. What makes him so engaging is his ability to be kind of dumb, shallow, and narcissistic while expressing genuine emotion and sincerity. In this episode he lands himself in legal trouble while trying to protect Jane’s privacy in her grief. He also give Xo his full support when she tells him she is pregnant with Esteban’s baby. He looks completely gob smacked, but I thought he would fly into a Rogelio tantrum and instead he just assures her that he will be there whatever she chooses. Xiomara announces that she has decided there is no way she is keeping the baby. I don’t think that will be the end of it. It is fairly certain what Alba will think of the situation.


I am not always excited to see stories told in flashbacks. It is a common trope when a character is on the edge between life and death. That being said, the flashbacks in this episode looking back to the early days of Jane and Michael’s relationship are very effective. I especially liked how they tied it in to what Jane was processing and deciding in the present. The way she went through her memory to decipher what Michael would want was very cool. The way they tie things together on this show is incredible. It is story construction like this that elevates it from a traditional telenovela to a more substantial show.

“I’m A Fighter”

Michael says these words to Jane at the start of their relationship. The memory triggers the decision Jane makes to try surgery. Finally we learn that the surgery goes well. It seems Michael will make a full recovery. One of my single favorite moments of the episode is when he wakes and pretends he has amnesia. It is definitely a sign he is back. I was kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Today was not that day.

I am thinking Michael will recover and be around for a while. I do think our lovebirds are in it for the long haul. Given the nature of the telenovela I suspect they will not have too many years ahead of them. I suspect that while Jane and Michael navigate recovery we will spend more time on the other storylines in the next few episodes. I am most excited for the Rafael/Anezka/Petra story. As our favorite narrator always says, “To Be Continued…”

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