Legends of Tomorrow 2.01 “Out of Time” Top 5

Atomic bombs, time scattering, Oliver Queen, old foes, all sorts of new people, and kidnapping Albert Einstein. What a way to start the second season of Legends of Tomorrow. While this show continues to use the annoying “drop in a plot point a little too conveniently,” I really enjoyed this episode and it achieved the task of making me extremely excited for the rest of the season. Here are my top 5 moments from last night’s episode, “Out of Time.”


5. Justice Society of America

Justice Society of America meets the Legends of Tomorrow
Justice Society of America meets the Legends of Tomorrow

It was only a quick little glimpse at the very end of the episode, but we got to see the Justice Society of America. They meet up with the Legends and I think this is the start of something amazing. We got to see Stargirl, Vixen, Commander Steel, and Dr. Mid-nite. I’m so excited to see where this storyline will go. And I know it was literally only about a minute of screen time, but I’m already in love with Stargirl’s suit and her badass moves. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!


4. New team member

Nate Heywood, Time Detective
Nate Heywood, Time Detective

It seems that we have acquired another team member. Fittingly, he’s an historian; Nate Heywood. He also calls himself a time detective. This seems like a good fit for a time traveling team. We meet him in the beginning of the episode, running through Star City’s City Hall, racing to get to Oliver Queen. When he gets a few minutes of time with Oliver, Nate drops the bomb that he knows Oliver is the Green Arrow and that Sara Lance and Ray Palmer and the other “Legends” may be in trouble.

By the end of the episode, in Rip’s absence, Nate steps into place on the team and actually gets to travel in time; a dream come true for an historian. So far, I like his character and I’m excited to see what he brings to the table for the team.


3. Rip is…sometime?

Rip's "final" message
Rip’s “final” message

Back in 1942, Rip put the Waverider in the path of an atomic bomb to stop the bomb from destroying New York. Jax, Martin, Ray, and Sara were all scattered throughout time. Rory was put in stasis and left on the Waverider. And Rip, well, for the time being…he’s MIA.  The rest of the team left imprints in the past, so that Nate Heywood was able to figure out when the team members were living. With all his knowledge and deductions, he still can’t seem to figure out when Rip is.

However, Rip left a “final” message to the team that seems to say that he isn’t dead. He just put himself somewhere in time and he doesn’t seem to want to tell the team when he is. If Nate hasn’t found a trace of him yet, maybe Rip put himself into the future? Who knows? Hopefully the team can find him!

2. Darhk and Thawne

Damien Dark, 1942

The villains of this episode (and maybe season?) have come into the DC TV universe in season 4 of Arrow (Damien Darhk) and multiple seasons of The Flash (Eobard Thawne). Apparently Damien Dahk was alive in 1942 because of his access to the Lazarus Pit and he’s working with Eobard Thawne, who can travel in time using his Speedster powers. I don’t think this is any good for our team of Legends and the CW DC TV Universe in general




  1. Mileva Maric

Mileva Maric

In this episode, the Legends work to stop New York from being destroyed by an atomic bomb, which seems to be detonated 3 years prior to the atomic bomb being invented in the “normal” timeline. Their solution to fixing the timeline is to kidnap Albert Einstein so that the atomic bomb isn’t invented and thus not destroying New York. When they accomplish their plans of stealing Einstein, the timeline hasn’t changed. New York still gets obliterated. It turns out that Mileva Maric, Einstein’s former classmate (and ex-wife), was also capable of inventing the atomic bomb, and did so in that timeline.

In order to fix and protect the timeline, the Legends asked Einstein to acknowledge Mileva’s work on the atomic bomb. Her name would go down in history along with Einstein’s. This may seem like a small gesture, but to have a woman in a scientific field actually recognized for her work and contributions is a huge win. And it’s such a great message. I loved it.

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