Legends of Tomorrow 2.02 “The Justice Society of America” Top 5

The Justice Society of America and the Legends working together! This episode was so much fun. It was filled with action and some really great personal moments for most of these characters. A very well done episode of which I really want more! Here are my top 5 moments from “The Justice Society of America.”

5. Ray Palmer – Hero


I found Ray’s journey in this episode to be a both heartbreaking and heartwarming…if that makes any sense. When confronted with the precision and tactical style of the Justice Society, the Legends find themselves to be a bit sloppy and not as efficient. Amaya (or Vixen) and Ray find themselves working together and she basically tells him that he’s not a superhero and not a hero. He just wears his ATOM suit and that’s about it. This hits Ray pretty hard.

When it comes down to it however, it turns out that Ray is a hero. Instead of just giving up and getting killed by the Nazis, he instead makes a plan to get them out. He then uses science!! I believe that science makes Ray a hero. That’s his superpower.

By the end of the episode, Amaya tells Ray that he actually is a hero because Ray gave his newly developed biological enhancer to save Nate, instead of using it for himself to potentially give himself real powers.

Ray Palmer is absolutely a hero!

4. Eobard Thawne

Eobard Thawne taking out the leader of the Justice Society

Eobard is still up to no good at all. First, we see him working with the Nazis, offering them some “super serum.” He gives one of the Nazis a sample to try out, and promises more of it if it’s successful. The Nazi takes the serum and becomes monstrous. He grows in size to what looks to be about 12 feet tall, and ‘roids out to massive proportions. He can take bullets and rip things apart with ease. He’s sort of like the Hulk. I feel this to be quite problematic if the rest of the Nazis get their hands on this enhancer.

Then at the end of the episode, we see him confront Rex Tyler (the leader of the Justice Society). Their encounter left Rex crippled, if not dead.

3. Captain of the Legends


As the Legends witnessed the incredible teamwork of the Justice Society, they realized that in Rip’s absence, they really need a leader. That fell onto Martin. It was interesting to watch him navigate this position throughout the episode. Without any pressure on the situation, he seemed to handle it decently. As soon as there was action and decisions had to be made quickly, Martin stumbled and couldn’t do it.

By the end of the episode, he concedes that Jax was right. Martin is too analytical and takes too much time to make decisions. The Legends need someone who is better at being a “war-time” leader. He gives over the title of Captain to Sara.

Side note about Martin….he gets to sing in this episode, as his “cover” was pretending to be Max Lorenz. His performance brought a Nazi to tears; it was so beautiful.

2. Nate Heywood

Commander Steel and Nate Heywood

We find out a few interesting things about Nate in this episode.

He speaks 6 languages. He’s a hemophiliac. He’s an historian, but he wants to be a hero. And maybe most importantly, Commander Steel is his grandfather. In saving his grandfather in this episode, Nate gets severely injured. To save him, Ray administers his own biological enhancer that he worked up in the Nazi lab. Will it give him any powers? Will there be any lasting effects of it or was it just to save his life in that moment?

Nate is shaping up to be a very interesting character and I can’t wait to find out more about him.

  1. Justice Society of America

I loved seeing the Justice Society of America in this episode and just how much they contrasted with our Legends. The Legends have gotten the job done, but they are kind of the definition of chaos. The Justice Society is organized, they are tactical, they are precise in their missions, and it seems that they think things through just a bit better than the Legends.

However, it was interesting to see that while these characteristics were obviously helpful in completing missions, it hindered them in making potentially more…ethical choices. Rex made the call to leave Ray and Amaya to the Nazi. He then doubled down, calling in an airstrike on the base that the Nazis brought Ray and Amara too, without even considering getting them out. Our ragtag group of cowboy-style heroes, the Legends would not accept this as the fate of Ray or Amaya. They come up with a plan and get Ray and Amaya out safely.

The Legends and the Justice Society are very different in many ways and I think it was really well done this episode, showing how both styles, both types of team have strengths and weaknesses. Because these teams operate with such different styles, they compliment each other and it was so much fun watching them collaborate.

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