Legends of Tomorrow 2.03 “Shogun” Top 5

Sara and Amaya team up against the Shogun's men

This episode was beautiful and brilliant and I am totally in love with it! Can the Legends just hang out in Japan in the 1600s for a while longer? I want more of it. While not a whole lot happened for any big story arc this episode, we got action, emotion, adventure, and even Nate trying his hand at an awkward romance situation. I was hoping to see some more of the Justice Society this week, and we got a little of that with Amaya (aka Vixen). I feel that this was one of the best episodes yet of Legends of Tomorrow. Here are my top 5 moments from “Shogun.”

5. With no Rip in sight, Sara is at the helm

Sara taking on the Shogun's men

I love Sara. We get to see her as the captain this week and she handled it well, I feel. She worked well with their little stowaway, Amaya. With the boys breaking the ship while they were “training,” Sara finds them, saves them, saves the girl from the Shogun (though this was Nate’s suggestion), has Jax and Martin fix the ship, and they all get back on their merry way. She seems to be a great captain and, while I do miss Rip, I love seeing Sara as the captain.


4. Samurai fight scenes

The fight scenes in this episode were so well done. The slow motion action was beautiful. Seeing Sara kick butt, then have Amaya join her was just so amazing and brilliant. I want more of this level of fight scenes. I loved seeing Sara and the others in their Japanese gear as well. It just added to the beauty and grace that these fight scenes brought. I want more of this, please!

3. Ray’s suit

The Shogun destroyed

Ray had on his ATOM suit while he was training Nate in his new powers. With Nate unsure of his new strength, he ended up breaching the hull of the ship. Nate got sucked out into the time stream and Ray went after him. Ray ended up being found by the Shogun and his men. He was still in his ATOM suit.

The shogun took possession of Ray’s suit. He put it on and used it against the Legends. Ray knew how to destroy the suit, obviously because he’s the one that built it. But Ray has a really hard time with it. In his encounter with Amaya in last week’s episode, he really comes to the realization that the suit is what makes him a “hero.” I disagree with that. But he has a hard time with coming to terms with it.

Ray knows that the only way to stop the shogun with the suit on is to destroy the suit. Finally “steeling out” with his new powers, Nate saves the day by destroying the shogun and Ray’s suit. They both (the shogun and the suit) exploded in a brilliant blue flame.

The day is saved, but Ray’s suit is destroyed. I’m curious to see how Ray will move forward with this. Build a new suit?

2. Nate’s new powers

Nate discovers his new powers

Apparently Ray’s enhancer that he gave to Nate last week both “cured” Nate’s hemophilia and also gave him super powers. He can basically turn into a….man of steel? Ok. We learn that it’s technically not steel, it’s a different alloy that’s 100 times stronger than steel. When he “steels out,” as they seem to want to call it, he basically becomes an invincible body of this alloy. He has strength and armor. However, throughout the episode, we see that Nate has some…performance issues, when he actually tries to “steel out.” He gets it by the end, but hopefully he work on it a little bit more.

Even though it’s not technically steel, he decides to call himself Citizen Steel (in honor of his grandfather, Commander Steel).

  1. Barry’s and Rip’s secrets


While repairing the damage parts of the ship, Jax and Martin find out from Gideon that there is a secret compartment. With Rip making Jax learn the entire ship, inside and out, Jax and Martin realize that it’s a secret compartment of Rip’s. Based on the schematics that Gideon provides, they find this secret compartment and manage to get inside of it. It’s a full on armory. Not only that, but there’s a computer of some sort…which just beeps into life when Jax and Martin are near. It reveals a secret message from Barry Allen from the distant future (distant from 2016, that is).

When the rest of the Legends are back from saving Nate, Ray, and the locals, Martin and Jax decide to keep the secret compartment and Barry’s message secret from Sara and the others. I don’t know what this message is or could be. It seems to be a pretty heavy or powerful message. I’m hoping that it somehow relates to the giant 4-show crossover extravaganza that will be happening in December.


Honorable mention….Mick’s love of ninjasscreen-shot-2016-10-28-at-1-11-50-pm


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