Supergirl 2.02 “The Last Children of Krypton” Top 5

Supergirl continues it’s second season with “The Last Children of Krypton”. Honestly, they didn’t even need to give me a synopsis or pictures to get me hyped for this episode. That title is quite enough. Even knowing that both Cat and Clark would be departing tonight couldn’t keep me from bouncing up and down as I prepped this Top 5. More on how those things broke my face later. For now, I want to mention that Supergirl smashed an 8 year CW Network record last week with it’s season 2 premier. There’s no reason. It doesn’t even really fit here, and as a good editor I suppose I should talk about it elsewhere, but I’m putting on my Cat Grant shoes and doing what I want. 8 year high. Way to own your power, Kara Zor El.

Now then. On to the main event!


She Could Have Died

Mad Superman is my favorite Superman. Mad Superman is only exciting when he isn’t a mad/sad/broody wreck all of the time. That means that this Superman is my everything, and when he’s mad it is AWESOME. Kal El doesn’t take it well when you try to hurt the last of his blood relatives. How’d that shoulder check feel, Metallo? Can’t have been comfy. That rage and fear of Kara being hurt translated later into the fight with J’onn, but we’ll go over that more later on in the Top 5.


supergirl-20114In the beginning of Supergirl I thought Wynn was the actual worst. It took him a very, very long time to grow on me, but it finally happened towards the end of S1. That being said, it’s still an oddity that he makes my Top 5’s, but today he earned it. Not only do I find his complete lack of fear of Hank Henshaw hilarious, but he kind of gave a voice to all of us who are just so happy to see Superman done right. All he wanted to do was make Clark proud, and it was the cutest.



This is Terrible! This is Awesome!

supergirl-20115Leave it to Wynn to perfectly sum up my emotions on J’onn and Kal going rounds. I love both of them dearly, but I have to side with Supes on this one. That’s definitely not to say that J’onn shouldn’t have Kryptonite. Batman has Kryptonite. Not in this world, obviously, but my point stands. There’s a big difference between it being held personally vs. it being held in a government facility where it could obviously be stolen (which it obviously has been), or Hank could be removed as leader of the D.E.O (which has also happened).

J’onn and Kal have so much in common. So much that they can build a relationship on, but J’onn’s fear put that on hold for a long time. Kal trusting him enough to bring him to the Fortress of Solitude, and the conversation they shared, seems to have jarred that though, since by the end the Kryptonite is no longer in the wrong hands.

Own Your Power

_0297bCat Grant has consistently been in my Top 5 for Supergirl since the pilot aired last year. She is a fierce, strong, capable, and compassionate woman. You have to dig for her softer side, but once you get there you see one of the most remarkable women. Cat is an unstoppable force. An unstoppable force that worked her way up from nothing, and represents a delicate balance between powerful and soft that many women aspire to.

And now she’s going away.

We talked about this briefly last week. About how Kara is going to start growing on her own, and won’t need Cat as much moving forward. It’s good that the character is moving on, so Supergirl doesn’t use her as a crutch and stunt her own growth, but none of that makes Cat’s departure any easier. Supergirl earns the trophy for my first ugly cry of the season. I love her so much, and I’m not ready for her to go. It’s not forever, though. She’ll come back someday, and I’ll cry then too.


RED. ALERT. Y’ALL! Superman and Martian Manhunter fought together! Alex and Kara fought together! There’s none of this ‘on your own’ nonsense. None of our heroes fighting each other (beyond bickering). Just good, old fashioned, good guys vs. bad guys. Putting your life in another heroes hands, defending your city, AH! SO GOOD. We are only two episodes into season 2 and the reminders of why I am so deeply in love with this show have been constant.

What makes a good old fashioned team up so perfect is that they don’t happen all the time, which meant it was time for Clark Kent to return to Metropolis. I cried over his departure too. Like Kara, I don’t like change. At least not when it comes to loved ones leaving, so I always take it hard when it’s time for a character I adore to depart.

The writers continue to nail what matters when it comes to that ‘S’. Clark’s dorky ‘time out’ line, Kara not being able to spit out an insult to the terrible Snapper, and the ‘I miss you already’ as Kal lands in Metropolis just seconds after leaving. My eyes are puffy, and my nose is stuffed from crying so hard this episode, but I write this last paragraph with a smile on my face. It’s with love, adoration, and pride in these heroes that I confidently say that we haven’t seen the last team up with the children of Krypton, or even Mars and Earth, for that matter.

Till next week. Dive.




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