Supergirl 2.03 “Welcome To Earth” Top 5

Fans of Wonder Woman got what they have been waiting for for decades on tonight’s Supergirl. I’m talking, of course, about the one and only Lynda Carter as President! ‘I’m With Her’ indeed! Some folks are unfortunately not on the same team. Madam President found herself under attack, which meant it was time for our friendly neighborhood D.E.O to hop into action to secure her protection.



Madam President

supergirl-4I didn’t cry seeing a woman step off Air Force One as our Commander in Chief. YOU DID. This show makes me emotional so often. Maybe it’s all of the empowerment that strong women aren’t so used to seeing, maybe I’m a sissy. We’ll never know! What I do know, is that Lynda Carter is back on my television screen. This time, she’s Wonder Woman in a whole new way.

The message of hope that she preaches is a balm on tired hearts who are exhausted from all of the hate in the world. The calmness she displays to J’onn about embracing the aliens, even after she was attacked. The President speaks of displaying the same rights humans enjoy to the guests from other planets. Most notably today: Innocent until proven guilty.

If you thought Air Force One was cool, you should see her other jet! Which I’m hoping she doesn’t fly to somewhere evil after her odd moment at the end. She’s obviously an alien, but hopefully she’s on our team.

The Lowly Daxamite

Bein’ a little racist over there, Miss Zor El. Another tip of the hat to the writers for this little moment. Sometimes we show an inherent biased and we don’t even realize it, or we do and do nothing to stop it. That bias resulted in the President almost dying, and Kara having an unfortunate realization about her behavior.

When folks realize that they’re being bigots, it goes one of two ways. They lash out harder, because they’re angry at themselves, or they do their best to right their wrongs. Thankfully, Kara went with the second, furthering the message of acceptance tonight.

Lena Luthor Shows Her Colors

You know that dear friend? The one who you love dearly and would do anything for? The one who also has political views that are the complete opposite of yours? That is Lena Luthor. A good, strong woman, just fighting for what she thinks is right, the same as Kara. Not in the doom, gloom and murder kind of way like her brother, no. Lena sees a different world. I’m fully with Kara, she’s wrong and bringing all of the aliens into the life is a gross breach of rights, but I think it’s exceptional that the writers are showing a positive relationship with someone of a completely different viewpoint.

I Think We’ll Be Cool

Part of the brilliance of Supergirl is how relateable they make Kara Danvers. While we may not all be able to understand her unwavering belief in hope, the struggles she goes through as Kara are struggles that every woman has gone through at one time or another. Aside from the general, the excitement she had over meeting a president who was doing their best to do the right thing mirrors the feelings of so many women today.  In addition, her struggle of keeping passion out of her writing. Any writer in the geek-sphere either yelled ‘IT ME’ or they’re lying.

The Statue of Liberty Will Stand for Aliens Too

supergirl-2In addition to Kara’s relateability, Supergirl keeps bringing the punches by addressing culturally relevant issues that plague our country every day. Within the first five minutes of tonight’s episode, they touched on racism with J’onn’s comment of being an alien and wearing the face of a black man. They do so again later when Maggie talks about what it was like growing up a non straight woman of color. The alien debate is synonymous to how anyone who looks different is treated in America every single day. Even refugees got a nod tonight.

“It’s not enough to defend the world, J’onn. You need to live in it too.”

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