Supergirl 2.04 “Survivors” Top 5

The ‘stronger together’ message that keeps Supergirl refreshing came back to the forefront in tonight’s episode, ‘Survivors’. When Alex and Maggie find an alien fight club, run by the nefarious Roulette, things get a little bit punchy. Supergirl does what she can to break things up early on, but things never go quite the way the Kryptonian plans, at least not on the first run. After all, where’s the story in that? In addition to her struggles with Roulette, Kara also has her job at CatCo to think of as she continues to struggle with the soft and fluffy Snapper Carr.

No One Is Alone

There’s something tragically beautiful about the way J’onn looks at M’gann. The emotion on his face as he continues to try to process the fact that he isn’t alone in the universe. Of course, fans of M’gann’s history know that things aren’t exactly as they seem. She’s not the green Martian J’onn believes she is, but the very White Martian that she told of refusing the kill order. It’s difficult to find a healthy balance between not giving that the attention it deserves, and not overdoing it, but I hope they find it.

J’onn’s Family

We haven’t had much of an opportunity to touch on the bond between Kara, Alex, and J’onn. Each of them is alone in their own special way. It’s not that they don’t have other loved ones, but they’ve formed a type of familial bond, and they protect each other as such. J’onn feeling comfortable enough with the girls to share such a personal ritual brought that relationship back into the forefront tonight.



Winn is Weak

spg-2Say what you will about Daxamites, they seem to know how to get under a human’s skin in 5 seconds flat. It took little to nothing for Winn to give in and go on an adventure with Mon El. Unfortunately, Winn isn’t just weak, sometimes he’s the dumbest smart person in the room. Getting a drinking contest with any alien is a pretty terrible idea. Trying it with a Kryptonian or a Daxamite is suicide. Things went exactly as one would anticipate.  Mon accidentally snapped a guys arm, and Winn got one heck of a hangover.


Survivor’s Guilt

spg-3Being the one of the last survivors of your planet can cause all sorts of pesky issues. Guilt, rage, depression, transference… Kara and J’onn both experienced the latter in tonight’s episode. Of course, J’onn doesn’t know why M’gann is hiding, and Kara doesn’t realize why she’s keeping Mon at arms length until well after a few innocent humans are hurt. In the end, though, our choices are all we have. M’gann chose to stop throwing herself in danger to atone for her survival (and presumably the Green Martians that died because of her inaction).


Stronger Together

When a world full of people are against you, it’s easy to turn to questionable acts. When you have no hope, what reason is there to be good? Supergirl’s uplifting tone in a world full of deep dark dramas is one of the many things that makes it great, and tonight was no different. She gave the aliens in the fight club hope for a better tomorrow, no matter how rough a road that may be. Kara didn’t just inspire hope among the other aliens, though. She also extended a hand to M’onn, acting as the protector to him that she never could be with Kal.

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