Supernatural 12.01 “Keep Calm and Carry On” Top 5

My word, y’all. Would you look at that headline? Supernatural 12.01. 12 seasons. That’s a pretty long ‘On the road so far’. Hiatus was rough after season 11 proved to be one of the best in the show’s tenure. Though it had a rocky finale, it left just enough to make us all go ‘but wait… what now!?’ Keep Calm and Carry On has never been advice that the Winchester family’s been exceptional at following, but it the title left me intrigued.  You know, in case Mary Winchester’s return to both life and hunting weren’t enough to do that. We join back up with Dean and Mary on the hunt for Sammy, and Momma Winchester is not pleased one of her boys was taken.

Hi Sweetheart, Remember Me?

Mary Winchester seeing Baby for the first time in 33 years was not something that I would have expected to make me emotional, but she looked at her just the way she’s supposed to be looked at. She even talked to her right. Dean and Mary both acknowledging what they’d done in that back seat is just good material. I don’t care who you are, that is hilarious.

Castiel, Meet Mary Winchester

spn-1Cas’ interaction with anyone for the first time is always a beautiful thing, but everything’s a little bit more special when Mary Winchester is involved. Sure, Mary tried to shoot him when they first met, but that’s really just the Winchester way, isn’t it? Her confusion and his distrust of computers added to the hilarity of their time together. Special shout out to the writers for the little nod to the Destiel shippers with Mary’s look when Cas hugged Dean.

In addition to the funny, the writers also gave Cas and Mary a touching sort of relationship early on. Cas reached out to bond over how jarring it is to have your first day on Earth in 33 years, then cared for her when Baby was hit. Never doubt that Castiel is a Winchester.

He’s Literally Been Tortured By Satan

spn-5I don’t have much to say here, just that it’s super cute that two humans think that they can torture Sam Winchester into giving information. First they tried pain, which was cute. Then they tried his mind, thinking that, once again, they would be able to do worse than Lucifer himself. I’m not saying that these aren’t strong and capable women, they kidnapped Sam Winchester for Chuck sake, but you’re really going to have to do better than that. Special points for using his own mind against him. No one hates Sam Winchester like Sam Winchester.

Cas Is Back

People like to make fun of Cas because he doesn’t always understand what’s going on. Even Dean calls him a baby in a trench coat. While sometimes true, never forget that Castiel is a divine being who has been through absolute hell. The writers seem to have found a good balance between funny/caring Cas, and I am an Angel of the Lord and I will tear you apart molecule by molecule if you don’t tell me where my friends are. Sure, he got his butt handed to him just like Dean, but that’s because this episode has a different hero.

Mary Fricken Winchester

spn-2Some might think that the boys got who they are from John. That’s true, but only partially. We’ve never had a lot of time with Mary, but seeing her in action showed us that there is a lot of her in Sam and Dean. Mary isn’t revenge, she’s perseverance.  She is the quiet strength when things look bad. Lord help you if you ever touch her boys though.

Supernatural has gotten a lot of complaints for its lack of strong women, but this season doesn’t seem to be playing around with that notion. These ladies who’ve kidnapped Sam are tough as nails, but they don’t hold a candle to Mary Winchester.


Saving people, hunting things. This is our life– Dean’s pep talk to Mary was a rare moment of hope from him. He acknowledged that they make a real difference. It may have taken a sad mother to get him to spit it out, but it was a good moment for Dean none the less.


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