Supernatural 12.02 “Mamma Mia” Top 5

Supernatural’s premier was great, but it didn’t really dig into just what it means for Mary Winchester to be back from the dead. ‘Mamma Mia’ managed to dive into that idea a bit deeper, which resulted in an episode with a few more feels than the first. Don’t worry though, tonight wasn’t just feelsy moments between the Winchester clan. You also have the misadventures of Crowley and Rowena to look forward to.


It’s the Thought That Counts?

Ah, Crowley… you tried. We were all rooting for you, bud. I mean, as much as we ever could. You made it out alive though, and that’s all that really matters. Oh, and no worries about abandoning your mummy. She’ll be fine. Kind of?

Don’t Ever Speak to Me or My Sons Ever Again

Pro Tip: Don’t mess with Mary Winchester’s boys. She doesn’t love it so much. The lady may have been dead for 33 years, but she still remembers a move or two. Don’t get me wrong, Posh Spice still got the drop on her in the end, but hey, she got the drop on Dean and Sam too. Of course, the ever so charming British Witch wasn’t the only person Mary had to go rounds with tonight.

We all knew Dean’s over protective and slightly chauvinistic tendencies were going to rear their heads sooner rather than later. While it’s annoying, it is a touch understandable, considering the fact that he’s lost everyone he’s ever loved.

He Was Such a Good Dad

Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Kudos to the writers for not taking the easy route and just having Mary know everything that happened while she was dead, but man, it’s gonna be a hard road. She’s going to find out that the man that she loved died the day she went up in flames. With that comes the knowledge that the person left to raise her sons was a husk of a man fueled only by revenge, and the fact that her boys were raised by another man.

The Man of the House

All his life all Dean ever wanted was for his mom to be back and for her to be safe. For his family to be whole. Well, Mary may be back, but she’s far from safe, and she never will be so long as they continue to live this life. The problem there is that Dean forgets that his mother lived this life before he was even a thought. Despite all that, the good little soldier continues to do what he has always done: Shoulder the world and keep pushing through.

It wasn’t all grim, of course. Mary brought him pie! I mean, he found out his whole life was a lie when Mary admitted that she didn’t cook, but he got pie, and we all know that’s all that matters!

In This Moment

This one’s short and sweet: Sammy hugged his mom for the first time. If you didn’t mist up, check with your friends and make sure you didn’t die and get brought back soulless without your knowledge.

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