Supernatural 12.03 “The Foundry” Top 5

Now that Sammy’s free of Toni and the rest of the British division of the Men of Letters, it’s time for Supernatural to get back to the family business! Mary and her boys investigate an abandoned house, and things unravel from there. By ‘unravel’ I mean they went to the creepiest dollhouse ever. Meanwhile, Cas and Crowley give us our favorite heaven and hell team-up to try and track down Lucifer before he unleashes more mischief on Earth.

Mary and Cas

I don’t know what it is about the relationship between Mary and Cas, but something about it so… pure? Their moments together are always fleeting, but it’s like Mary has found a confidant, and Cas has found someone who doesn’t think he’s a baby in a trench coat. Their interaction in the bunker was no different. Mary’s really not sure how to fit in, in the new world she’s found herself in, and Cas never really has.

Mom, Try My Snacks!

spn-2The little bonding moments between the boys and their mother were what I was looking forward to most this season. If you’ve followed my previous Top 5’s, you know that I’m a little things kind of gal. That means the moments where Mary shares tiny moments with her boys are everything. Little things like cold bacon, chili lime jerky, and blasting the music. The awkward moments may be a little difficult, with Mary still trying to figure out all of the ins and out of our time, but those weird moments make the touching ones that much more wonderful.



On the Road Again.

spn-5Cas got his snark back, y’all! Putting Castiel and Crowley together is a match made in… well… you know. An angel and a demon hunting together would be funny in any situation, but this particular pair is a special type of hilarity. Crowley may never turn the sass off, but Cas has had his turned off for several seasons now. Though the stakes are still high, it’s nice to see the writers taking into account just how delightful this version of our favorite angel is!



Not Today, Satan! Not Today!

Rowena might be a miserable cow a lot of the time, but she’s lived an unfortunate, tortured life, and she refuses to return to it. It’s why she refuses to let herself love Crowley, why she has the trademark Supernatural snark, and why she pairs herself with vapid idiots who only have one goal: To take care of her. No man, demon, or angel is going to take her freedom or her safety ever again. She hates Lucifer to the point of being willing to help Cas and Crowley if they ever find him again.

Give Me Something to Sing About…

spn-3‘There was no pain, no fear no doubt, till they pulled me out, of heaven. I think I was in heaven…’ only Mary knew she was in heaven. She knew she was happy. She was safe, and warm, and had nothing to worry about for the first time in her life. It’s hard to be mad at her for needing time. It’s also hard to be mad at Dean for being completely selfish and not letting Mary hug him before she left. It’s such a hard and complicated situation all around, and if your heart’s still in your chest you’re basically a demon.


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