Agents of SHIELD 4.06 “The Good Samaritan” Top 5

There’s so much to talk about from this episode, I don’t even know where to start. We finally get to learn about the origins of Robbie Reyes becoming the Ghost Rider. Darkhold changes hands. The Director confronts Coulson and the rest of the team about Robbie and Daisy working with them….and not telling him about it. There’s even a reference to the wonderful Peggy Carter. And it’s all capped off with a twist. Here are my top 5 moments from “The Good Samaritan.”

5. The Director vs. Daisy and Robbie

Ghost Rider vs. Director Mace

At the end of last episode, we saw the Director being tipped off to the fact that both Robbie and Daisy are working with SHIELD, with Coulson and his team. This certainly does not sit well with him, and he immediately heads out to track down Coulson’s team and to find Daisy and Robbie. As the Zephyr is boarded by the Director and some tactical SHIELD agents, Coulson and Mack get Robbie, Gabe, and Daisy into the containment unit and hang them out of the plane.

The Director realizes pretty quickly that the containment unit is missing and gets them back on the plane. While trying to talk his way out of this mess, Coulson mentions Eli and Darkhold. Robbie hears this and will not be kept locked up. While this containment unit has held ever other thing that has been put into it…Inhumans of all types and even Hive himself…it cannot hold Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider manages to break the door completely off and he goes after the Director. Luckily for Mace, he’s an Inhuman with strength and resilience for super powers. If not, I’m pretty sure he would’ve been dead at Robbie’s hands.

Coulson manages to convince the Director that Robbie and Daisy are both needed to track down Darkhold, Lucy, Eli, and the whole mess of an experiment that Lucy wants to do. He has saved them from the wrath of the Director for now, but I feel the rage and retribution from Director Mace will be even greater later.

4. Simmons

At the beginning of the episode, Director Mace sends Simmons off on her very own separate mission. He tells her nothing about it; where she’s going, why, how long she’ll be gone. He has her leave immediately, so she can’t inform anyone of what is happening.

We see throughout this episode, that Fitz is hovering around his breaking point, which is heavily exacerbated by the fact that he doesn’t know where Simmons is and he hasn’t heard from her. He can’t get a hold of her.

I fear with her little stunt last week and then the Director finding out about Robbie and Daisy shortly after, things aren’t looking good for Simmons.

3. Darkhold

Lucy was in control of this evil book. She had all the pieces and parts ready to rebuild the experiment that they were a part of all those years ago. We learn this episode that the power that they are dealing with was to create matter from nothing; not using a machine or anything, but instilling that power into a person. I’m curious to see how they explain this as it breaks the laws of physics. But…this is Marvel and super humans are involved, so maybe it doesn’t need an explanation.

Anyway, SHIELD finds Lucy and Eli and the experiment. Coulson manages to get his hands on the book….and before he does anything else at all, he gives the book to May to get back on the plane…away from everything. When May gets back on the plane, she runs into Mack. She keeps secret the fact that she (and SHIELD) are in possession of this book.

This is a very powerful book and I’m scared and excited and nervous to see what (other) magical and terrible things will come from that book.

2. Fitz, Coulson, and Robbie

The consuming burst of energy

Fitz is in the power station, trying to shut down the equipment that is powering all the equipment that Lucy and Eli were working with. Coulson is trying to talk to Eli and dismantle it all. Robbie is in the building, as he had just confronted and taken out Lucy.

Eli powers up the experiment. At that moment, it radiates a weird pulse wave of energy. Fitz, Coulson, and Robbie all vanish. Where did they go?! Are they now in those weird containment cubes that the other “ghosts” were in? If this experiment thing can cause matter to be created from nothing, can it then destroy matter (aka…people)? This is troubling.

  1. Eli

Eli defying physics

The whole time, the gang and Robbie were all laboring under the impression that Eli was innocent. It had been portrayed as him trying to stop the experiment from happening, to stop Joe and Lucy from becoming too powerful, from doing something too dangerous.

At the end of this episode, however, we learn that Eli was only concerned with stopping Joe and Lucy so that Joe wouldn’t have the power, the power to create matter from nothing. Eli wanted to be the one with the power. He wanted to be the one that could create matter from nothing. It wasn’t necessarily Joe that was the dangerous one. Eli wanted the power  for himself all along. He was the dangerous one.

Eli locks himself in the cylinder and hits the buttons. It emits that weird pulse of energy. Fitz, Coulson, and Robbie are nowhere to be seen. Out from the cylinder steps Eli…and he creates a chunk of matter, seemingly from thin air. This is no good at all.

Honorable Mention…The Good SamaritanGabe learning the truth about Robbie

The episode title came from Ghost Rider’s origins. Robbie finally opens up to tell Gabe about himself, to reveal that he is the Ghost Rider. We get to see a flash back. Robbie convinced Gabe to give up doing homework to come with him to race their uncle’s car, the Hell Charger. On their way to the race, Gabe and Robbie are stopped at a light with a van in front of them and another car pinning them there. The van doors open up and a M0lotov cocktail is thrown at the Hell Charger. The power of the Charger gets them away but they are pursued by members of the Fifth Street Locos gang.

One of their cars pulls up next to the Charger and opens fire. Robbie loses control and flips the Charger. Gabe stays in the Charger, Robbie is thrown.

Gabe thought he saw a “good Samaritan” stop and help Robbie, to bring him back to life. But Robbie corrects him and tells him that it was no “good Samaritan.” It was the devil himself, there to answer Robbie’s “prayers” to spare Gabe. Robbie heard a voice ask him if he wanted a second chance, to punishment those that deserved it, to get retribution for what had been done to Gabe. Robbie says yes without hesitation. And in that moment, he became the Ghost Rider. He had made a deal with a “good samaritan,” AKA the devil himself.

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