Agents of SHIELD 4.07 “Deals With Our Devils” Top 5

another dimension

We’re finally back! And we pick up right where we left off in the last episode. The Fitz/Coulson/Robbie disappearance mystery is solved. We find out what has happened to Simmons (kind of). Eli shows SHIELD just how powerful he is. Darkhold continues to show us its powers, both good and evil. It was a beautifully shot episode full of action and emotions. I loved it. Here are my top 5 moments from “Deals With Our Devils.”

5. Eli’s Powers

Eli and the Carbon WallAt the end of last episode, Eli comes out of the chamber and is able to create carbon out of thin air. In this episode, he enters the scene with a carbon shard in his hand. It looks beautiful and well-crafted. However, as SHIELD agents show up to take him out of the building, he creates more carbon shards….right through their hearts, killing 4 Agents. As he turns to escape, he is able to build a wall of carbon across the hallway to stop May and Mack from following him. Darkhold has provided Eli with the knowledge to give himself these capabilities.

Eli is drunk on power and he is on the loose. This is not good for SHIELD.

4. Fitz and Coulson

The blast from Eli’s chamber has altered the state of Fitz, Coulson, and Robbie. They are basically in another plane of existence. They can hear and see everything that is going on, but they can’t interact with anyone. In this state, Fitz is able to hear from the Director that Simmons is gone. She’s been sent on some mission by herself. Fitz realizes that the Director has lied to him and the others. He realizes that Simmons may be in harm’s way.

As Fitz desperately tries to communicate with Aida and make her read Darkhold, he becomes frustrates as Coulson tries to take charge in this situation. Fitz reminds him that where they are, they are on equal footing. He goes on to say a few other not-so-nice things to and about Coulson. As he continues on, he breaks down. His anger is actually heartbreak in not being there for Simmons, in realizing that they had a fight, in realizing that he’s mostly powerless in their current situation. Coulson takes Fitz’ vent of anger and calmly reassures Fitz that they will be getting out, that he will be able to be there for Simmons.

This is such a beautiful moment for these two. I loved it.

3. The Rider

Apparently, Ghost Rider himself can travel through all these states of reality. After a short amount of time with Robbie in the alternate phase, the Rider hops on out of Robbie and instead possesses Mack.

When Robbie is finally able to track a Mack that as gone a little AWOL with the Rider in him, we find out that the Rider thrives on Robbie’s desire and need for vengeance. Mack doesn’t have that in him, but the Rider senses deep pain in Mack, which will serve him nearly as well. The only way in which Robbie is able to get the Rider out of Mack and back in him is to strike another deal. Robbie says that if the Rider will help him with his last mission of vengeance (taking out Eli), that he will help the Rider on his missions of vengeance.

This doesn’t sound like a good thing.

As the episode is winding down, we see Mack sitting near the phase portal, looking at a picture; clearly a reminder of the pain that the Rider has sensed. Robbie and the Rider make it back through the portal and recruit Mack’s help in their vengeance mission. This just spells trouble.

2. Terragenesis Cocoon

Terragenesis cocoonA few episodes back, we got a glimpse of a rock man. Simmons has been called upon by Senator Nadeer (the Senator that hates Inhumans) to help them sort this rock man out. She immediately recognizes it as a person that was going through terragenesis and somehow got stuck in the “cocoon.” These jerks ask for Simmons help in figuring out who he is and what his powers are/will be.

As Jemma introduces herself and calms down the man inside this cocoon, the rock starts to crack and break away. She is able to pull a piece of it from his face. He thanks her by name; just as these jerks working for Senator Nadeer put a black bag over Jemma’s head and ship her off.

Who is this Inhuman? What are his powers? Will he be able to survive what it is these jerks are going to do to him? Why did they treat Jemma the way that they did? At the end of the episode, it seems that Jemma is back at SHIELD, safe and sound. So, what’s the deal? I don’t like this whole subplot. It smells of more bad things to come.

1. Aida and Darkhold

The light portal from Darkhold that saves Fitz, Coulson, and RobbieIn this episode, Aida reads Darkhold to try to figure  out what has happened to Fitz, Coulson, and Robbie and to see if there’s a way for her to bring them back. She digests a whole bunch of that book. With a little bit of Doctor Strange light magic, she is able to create the portal to bring the others back to this phase of reality.

But that isn’t where it stops. The parting shots of this episode show us that Aida is using this same type of light magic to fashion a brain. With Radcliffe teaching her that lying is ok, I see this heading in a terrifying direction.


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