Arrow 5.06 ‘So It Begins’ Top 5

Arrow 5.06 'So It Begins' Top 5

On this episode of Arrow, we discover more about the new big bad in town, Oliver’s past continues to haunt him and Quentin continues to struggle. Here is my Arrow 5.06 ‘So It Begins’ Top 5.

Arrow 5.06 'So It Begins' Top 5

Original Team Arrow

I loved the focus on the Original Team Arrow at the beginning of the episode. It proves what many (including myself) have been saying from the beginning – that Arrow is at its best when it focuses on the original three members of Team Arrow: Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. These three are the heart and soul of the show, hopefully moving forward, we will see a renewed focus on their stories.

Arrow 5.06 'So It Begins' Top 5

Thea Queen

I love how the writers have subtly allowed Thea’s time on Team Arrow in a mask  to influence how she acts today, it’s one element of Season 5 that has been consistent. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I have loved watching her come to life and thrive in her new role as Chief of Staff. Her initiative and drive is impressive, and the compassion and understanding she continues to exhibit day in and day out is admirable.

Arrow 5.06 'So It Begins' Top 5


Unlike other storylines on Arrow this season, I have been invested in Quentin’s, and it looks like things may be taking an even darker turn. Watching Quentin relapse has been heart wrenching. This episode we discovered that he has been lying to Thea about how he’s going and how much he’s drinking. In addition to that revelation, we also discovered that the new big bad in town “Prometheus” is somehow connected to the Starling City Police department, and with Quentin shown to have scars on his arm and one of “Prometheus’ throwing stars on his coffee table I’m very intrigued to see where this storyline goes. Has Quentin taken an even darker turn?

Arrow 5.06 'So It Begins' Top 5

Oliver’s past coming back to haunt him

It seems like every episode we are getting closer and closer to Starling City finding out Oliver is the Arrow. However, with Oliver’s continued character development, I am not sure if that would be the worst thing. I actually think he needs to face an issue that can’t necessarily be solved. It’s great to have Dig back and to have Oliver and Dig supporting one another again. I also really appreciated Dig acknowledging and affirming Oliver’s positive character growth. Given the inconsistencies in the writing of Oliver’s character growth, the verbal acknowledgement from Dig that he has grown was appreciated. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of that.

Arrow 5.06 'So It Begins' Top 5


Despite my misgivings that we have not seen Felicity explore her emotions in the aftermath of Havenrock, I’m still thoroughly enjoying Felicity this season (mostly thanks to Emily Bett Rickards performance, which continues to be phenomenal). I continue to have frustrations about they way her character is being written, but it was nice to actively see her in her role as the heart of Team Arrow.

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