Arrow 5.07 ‘Vigilante’ Top 5

Arrow 5.07 'Vigilante' Top 5

With a new viillian in twon things on this season of arrow have started to heat. up. Here’s Arrow 5.07 ‘Vigilante’ Top 5.

Arrow 5.07 'Vigilante' Top 5Quentin Lance

What I enjoyed most about this episode was the dynamic between Thea + Quentin. They have both experienced a great deal of loss in their lives, and they have shared many of those losses. Their dynamic has changed dramatically, although certainly for the better, since the beginning of the show, and it has quickly become one of my favourite elements of the season. In this episode ‘Vigilante’ I really appreciated that Quentin was honest with Thea about how he is doing, and about the mysterious discovery of the throwing star in his living room. His honesty is a huge stepping stone for his recovery. As always, Paul Blackthorne’s performance tugged at my heartstrings.

Arrow 5.07 'Vigilante' Top 5Evelyn Sharp

Surprise, surprise, one of the new additions to Team Arrow is a traitor. In, what I felt to be an anti-climatic scene, it was revealed that Evelyn Sharp aka ‘Artemis’ is trading secrets with Promethesus. Overall, I found this development to be interesting in the overall context of the season, but unsurprising in relation to the character. I feel that Evelyn has been stand offish and suspect from the beginning, but the effect of her actions will be interesting to watch play out. What I’m most interested to see is the timeline of how it plays out. Will the team find out about her actions soon, or is it going to be drawn out?

Arrow 5.07 'Vigilante' Top 5


I’ve enjoyed Rameriz from the start. Like I mentioned last week, he brings a renewed fire and passion to protect people that has been sorely lacking from Team Arrow, and the show overall. Whilst the other additions I can best describe as ‘nice’, his passion and honesty is refreshing, and needed. I particularly enjoyed seeing a more vulnerable and gentle side of his character, demonstrated by the way he was looking out for Diggle and his family. If Arrow wishes to survive beyond this Season, they need to keep this heart, passion, vigour and fire alive.

Arrow 5.07 'Vigilante' Top 5Felicity Smoak

I must admit, I’m slightly bewildered by the bizarreness of Felicity’s general life situation. I’d love to know what she’s up to outside of Team Arrow… Does she have a job? If not, how is she earning an income? How did she and Detective Malone meet (I still haven’t been given a reason why I should care about his character)? What does she do with her spare time? Does she have any friends? How is coping after Havenrock… I need answers.

Arrow 5.07 'Vigilante' Top 5

Curtis Holt

I love the character of Curtis Holt, I truly do. I just don’t quite understand what his place or where his place on Team Arrow is. I understand his motivations for being a part of team Arrow, and I don’t have a problem with that. What is more frustrating for me is that his character feels like a waste of space within the context of internal team arrow, I believe as cool as he is, he’s simply not need within Team Arrow. Instead of allowing him the opportunity to stand alongside Felicity and develop technology or assist Team Arrow in a technical area, he’s out in the field acting as a vigilante. It feels forced.

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