Gotham 3.08 “Blood Rush” Review

It looks like Captain Barnes is finally turning a corner this week on Gotham. While he’s put up a good fight until now, there’s only so long someone can fight their own blood. This week, poor Barnes is hearing voices and losing control over his rage- putting people through walls at engagement parties and fixating on his own brand of justice. The engagement party itself wasn’t exactly a success, even without the man-sized hole in the bathroom. Jim is still in love with the soon-to-be bride and he’s not going to let it go, even if the groom punches him in the face. Meanwhile, it looks like the Penguin isn’t giving up his fight for Ed’s heart, even if it means using some of his old tricks to get his way.


The Ghost of Nygma’s Past

gotham-308scn8jn0448fhires1jpg-f9b38d_765wIt’s good to see that Nygma isn’t quite holding it together. I mean, the man was insane just last season and we all know that little Arkham release paper isn’t exactly a clean bill of health. Ed is brilliant this season as an underhanded political strategist, but I think we all want the crazy riddle enthusiast back. While he isn’t quite back to unhinged, the fact that he’s seeing visions of his dead girlfriend is a sure sign that not everything is running correctly.


Harvey Bullock

gotham-308scn33ptnr677fhires1jpg-fe2291_765wHe hasn’t really played the most major of roles recently on Gotham, but Harvey Bullock is still a delight to have around. While Jim continues to get even more moody and depressed, Bullock’s attitude brings up the tone of what could be some seriously depressing scenes. When Jim asks about a warm welcome back, Harvey doesn’t miss a beat to remind him “If we had a big to-do every time you came back to the GCPD we’d never catch any bad guys.” For that line alone, he scores a spot on this week’s top five.


The Engagement Party

the-right-choice-gotham-season-3-episode-8Like most people in their 30’s, I’ve been to my fair share of engagement parties. None of the ones I’ve been to were quite as eventful as Lee and Mario’s. A run in with an ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, a mutated police captain throwing someone through a wall, and a sordid love triangle? I guess life won’t be dull for Lee, even after she settles down. She is marrying into the Falcone family, after all.


Toxic Blood

gotham-308scn31ptnr464fhires1jpg-f9b38f_765wIt looks like Gotham finally has a new villain on its hands. Although he’s fighting the blood infection at every turn, Captain Barnes knows he’s fighting a losing battle against Alice Tetch’s blood. We’ve known it for a while too, and I’m glad that it’s finally moving on to the next stage, Michael Chiklis did a great job of being a moody, broody, lawful good police captain. Now it’s his time to show off some villainous acting chops.


A Murderous Penguin

gotham-308scn34jn0355fhires1jpg-fe2292_765wJust like Ed, the political side of the Penguin is remarkably less entertaining than the mobster he once was. This week we get to see Oswald fall back into some of his more underhanded ways. He may have slipped up when he commended Ed on being ready breaking up with Isabella, but he still got the outcome he was looking for. Perhaps Isabella would’ve fared better if she hadn’t pointed out how head over heels the Penguin is for his chief of staff, but probably

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