Jane the Virgin, Episode 3.02, Chapter Forty-Six Top 5

It is a week late, but I wanted to throw you all a Top 5 from last week’s Jane the Virgin before this week’s shows up! This episode covers both Jane and Michael’s emotional and physical recovery from the shooting. Pretty much the only character not in turmoil this episode is Rafael, who is finally moving on from Jane and seems to have a weight lifted off his shoulders. He had better enjoy it though, because all indications are that Magda, Anezka, and an unexpected rival will soon be making his life much more difficult!


Jane is having recurring nightmares about the shooting. She is losing sleep at night and taking care of everyone in the daytime. I am very happy that she has Rafael as a friend now to help her through. It is an interesting dynamic and feels very honest for both characters. I think it is a great place for them to be.

Mateo’s Behavior

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This may not be everyone’s go to topic for conversation, but as someone who was a young mother, it resonated with me a lot. Some of the ways they approach parenting on this show are easily some of the most realistic on television. All parents have struggled to navigate the tantrum stage and solve it by setting a routine only to have a new issue (biting in Mateo’s case) spring up in its place. Also, mad props to Michael for knowing that Jane could not get in a romantic mood until she researched the parenting issue. It is a simple, sweet way to know he is there for her just as much as she is for him.


Anezka Is Sleeping With Who?

Vests! She is sleeping with Scott, the slimy kitchen manager we have hated all along. Poor petrified Petra has to lay in her medical bed watching them make out. Of course Rafael and everyone else will think it is Petra in the relationship which is just icky. I feel more and more sorry for her each week. Anezka confesses to Vests that she has been looking for dirt to blackmail Rafael with. He, of course, has a ton of dirt on everyone. That is how he kept his job in the first place so no one should be surprised. I think the best surprise would be if he is on to the Anezka/Petra situation and takes her down too. Time will tell!

Xo’s Little Problem

xo-confessesI actually thought the question of Xiomara’s pregnancy would carry a little further into the season. Given that they needed to speed through a few weeks quick for Michael’s recovery it obviously had to be addressed quickly. It turns out she did opt for a medical abortion and instead of taking us any further into that, they jumped to the point she is struggling with Alba’s knowledge. It turns out Alba did not know until Xo tells her. The fighting that follows is expected but by the end of the episode both are moving on and making up.

Jane the non-virgin!

The episode ends with Michael getting the medical clearance to resume normal activities. So for these two married love birds that means it is time to finally have sex! They literally run out of the doctor’s office. We will find out next time if it really happens. My guess is the writers have one (or twenty) more romance-blocking tricks up their sleeves!

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