Jane the Virgin, Episode 3.03, “Chapter Forty-Seven” Top 5

Monday’s Jane the Virgin was a very solid episode. Many storylines were advanced in this episode. With a famous guest director (Eva Longoria), the major life events and some surprise guest stars, it easily could have been a finale or premiere. Instead, a major shift in the dynamic was placed in a regular episode. I think this is a great choice because life doesn’t shift only twice a year. That is an approach to storytelling that keeps me hooked each week. Any week could be an important episode. There was so much worth talking about in this episode that I had a hard time figuring out my top 5 moments. Honorable mentions go to the Luisa/Rose storyline and the Rogelio/CW storyline! I know these will carry over so we will talk about them soon!

Jane the Faker

It happened! Jane and Michael finally did the deed! As I suspected the writers did have a few road blocks set up. When they rushed home from the doctor they arrived home to find Rogelio waiting to assist the movers. Soon after this Xo and Abuela showed up too. So the newlyweds had to wait until later that night. It seemed to go well at first, but soon after Jane tells Lina that she faked her enjoyment. This plot point continues through the episode but by the end Jane and Michael have their groove back.

“Well that explains a lot.”

In their eagerness to get to the good stuff, Jane and Michael jostle her laptop and inadvertently film the entire encounter. In a post-coital blur Jane accidentally sends the video to her advisor instead of her chapter. When she meets her advisor the next day she explains it was her first time. Her advisor points out exactly what we have all kind of known. This experience might be the last piece Jane needs to add authenticity to her writing.

More About Alba’s Past

In researching her book, Jane interviews Abuela about her history. It is revealed that she has a sister named Cecilia that bears a striking resemblance to Jane. This sister is the one who revealed Alba’s pre-marital indiscretions and ruined the wedding. Throughout the episode Jane imagines various scenarios that would have caused her to do this. I found Gina Rodriguez sharing scenes with herself to be very entertaining. In the end, Jane decides to tell the story that Cecilia was in love with Alba’s husband. It turns out this is true, and Alba has a stack of letters confirming it. We leave with Jane and Xo running to find the letters. This is probably the beginning of a storyline instead of the resolution of one.

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What Does Xiomara Want to do With Her Life?

After an unsuccessful audition for The Voice, Xo has a crisis of her career. She begins to think that maybe her singing career should be downgraded to hobby. Jane even finds a list of possible other careers. Jane knows that singing is as much a part of Xo as writing is a part of her and tries to redirect her mom back on path. She enlists Rogelio to help inspire her. He comes through by bringing Gloria and Emilio Estefan! As Jane tries to direct the conversation to music, they actually reinforce Xo’s idea that you can have many ventures. Between this and a few great mom moments, it was an excellent episode for Andrea Navedo.


One of my favorite parts of the episode was the way they inserted little cartoons to tell the story. There were adventures on a rocket while Jane and Michael had sex. And it was even funnier when Cecilia joked about Jane’s “failure to launch.” Another cartoon explained that Rose and Luisa have been circling the Great Barrier Reef. They were short moments but they were very entertaining.

I felt like the first two episodes wrapped up most of last season. This was the first episode that really set the stage for what is to come in season three.

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