Legends of Tomorrow 2.04 “Abominations” Top 5

Jax, Nate, and Martin before they saw the abominations

“Abominations” was an absolutely incredible episode of Legends. It contained very heavy subject matter and it was done in a beautiful and brilliant way. The first season was a bit hit or miss, it didn’t have its footing quite yet. I think this episode proves that Legends has found its stride in its second season. With the topic of this episode being zombie civil war soldiers, I expected this to be lighter and a bit goofy, but I could not have been more wrong. It was difficult to choose my top 5, but here they are.

Zombie Civil War

AbominationsAs I mentioned above, with the previews showing us a zombie infested Civil War, I figured that this episode would be fun and light and entertaining. But that’s not exactly how I would describe this episode. I thought that “Abominations” did an excellent job in showing the human threat vs. the zombie threat. For a bit, I wasn’t sure if I was watching the Walking Dead or Legends of Tomorrow. I love that the zombies were a clear threat and were very dangerous, but they weren’t the main bad guys.

Instead, they showed in such an impactful way that actual living human beings are much worse that a horde of zombies. Because it was set during the Civil War, “Abominations” was able to depict the true evil that can be achieved by humankind by portraying the horrors of slavery. With two of our time traveling crew being black people, this mission hit them particularly hard. It was heartbreaking to watch them not only witness the atrocities, but to also experience them. Well done, Legends writers. Well done, indeed.

Nate’s excitement

Nate meeting Ulysses S. Grant

As we know, Nate is a “time detective.” In other words, he’s obsessed with all things history. It was quite adorable to see him so excited to be in the Civil War time period. He geeks out a little bit while talking to Sara, letting her know that he did his sophomore thesis on the Civil War. We get to see him not only meet Ulysses S. Grant, but to also help strategize about their attacks and defense against the zombies and the Confederate soldiers.

This was also an interesting piece of the episode. It really showed the difference in experience of the Civil War between Nate’s excitement and Jax’s trepidation. Very interesting.

Martin vs. the zombies

Martin vs the Abomination formally known as Mick

While most of this episode was filled with very heavy, emotional scenes, we got a little bit of comic relief in Martin’s response and complete fear of zombies. He hated seeing the Civil War zombies. Then he got to experience it even closer when Mick was turned into a zombie while on the Waverider. His scenes were a welcomed relief on the lighter side, helping to take a little bit of the weight off the rest of the episode.


Mick and Ray

Cold Ray?

Ray is still struggling with his status of “hero.” With the loss of his ATOM suit last week, it’s hitting him pretty hard. Just to top it all off, because he doesn’t have his suit, Sara decides to basically bench him for this mission. She tells him to stay on the Waverider and be the guide for the rest of the team out in the field.

When Mick is turned into a zombie, Ray and Martin stay on the Waverider as Ray works on a “cure” for this zombie virus thing. Eventually he gets it, but gets the delivery method a bit wrong. So, after a bit of a struggle, and some funny Martin scenes…Ray’s “cure” changes Mick back to a regular person. No more zombie.

Later on, Ray actually opens up to Mick about not feeling like a hero and being upset about losing his suit. Mick relates to Ray’s feeling about not fitting in, about not having a place on the team. In a very touching moment, Mick takes out Leonard’s cold gun and gives it to Ray. He tells Ray, “I’m looking for a partner.” It’s adorable and perfect and I am so in love with it. I REALLY REALLY miss Leonard, but I love this little team up too.


Jax and a slave owner

I don’t even know what to say about Jax in this episode. His emotional journey, the things that he saw, the things that he experienced, the things that he had to confront…everything in this episode weighed so heavily on Jax.

I guess my favorite Jax moment was when he stood up for what was right and freed the slaves that were in the house that he had gone to to find the Confederate plans. He had witnessed that woman getting beaten by the white man, just for accidentally burning atable-cloth. Jax got reprimanded, tied up, and punched in the face, just for touching a woman’s hand and addressing her directly. While tied up, he talked with the other slaves who told them just a small part of what they go through. Jax just can’t take it anymore. He throws caution to the wind in regards to the time stream and all other consequences of his actions. He can’t and won’t let these people remain slaves. He won’t let them be treated worse than animals. His quote is brilliant. “This is the real history that needs to be fixed.”

At the end of the episode, Jax and Amaya made sure the ex-slaves made it to Ulysses S. Grant. He offers them food and beverage and a safe place to stay. They will finally be taken care of and finally be (mostly) free.

The way that Jax’s experience through this whole episode was written was beautiful and heartbreaking. I think it was so interesting to see the difference between intellectually understanding that slavery was a real thing, knowing that it was terrible…and actually seeing it first hand. Jax wouldn’t help the woman initially, but once the slavery thing became too real for him to ignore, he didn’t care about the consequences anymore.

Honorable mention…Future Barry’s message

We get to hear about a sentence from future Barry’s message that Jax and Martin have discovered. It makes me think even more so that it is leading us into the massive 4-series crossover that is coming our way in December.

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