Legends of Tomorrow 2.05 “Compromised” Top 5

Legends at the White House

An episode in 1987….the year I was born! The Legends make their way to the 80s to check out a time aberration that was detected by Nate’s nifty new Time Seismograph. Damien Darhk and Eobard are brought back into the mix this week. We get to see some Russian KGB. The team goes to the White House and has a great time…sort of. It was another fun episode of Legends tonight in “Compromised.” Here are my top 5 moments.

5. Sara grows into her roleSara

Prior to being made the Captain of the Legends, Sara’s role was clear to her and she was very ok with that. She was the fighter, the trained assassin of the group. When the difficult things needed to be done, she stepped up and did them. So, this week, when she once again encounters Damien Darhk, some of her more recent growth is forgotten. Seeing Damien brings up memories of her sister and what Damien did to Lauren and the Lance family and all the others. She wants to kill him now and save her sister in the future.

When she is blinded by this need for avenging her sister, she nearly gets the whole team locked up, as she totes around a weapon in the White House. Luckily they all make it out safely.

From then on, she seems to get a hold of herself. She removes herself from further pieces of this mission, so she doesn’t blow it for them all. Finally, in a great moment with Martin, he reminds her that she is not “just an assassin,” she’s their Captain now. I think she finally sees that she can be more, that already *is* more than she used to be, that she has grown and evolved as a person.

4. Martin and Clarissa

Old (current) Martin once again runs into his younger self this week. Yet again, he’s stunned at the man that he encounters. While talking with Ray, he says that it feels like that man (his younger self) is a complete stranger. He watches as his younger self completely ignores Clarissa, his wife. He watches as his younger self continues to put his science and career in front of his love for his wife. When Martin and the gang save the young ones life on the Waverider, the young one gets angry that older Martin won’t show him their works from the future, to accelerate their work on transmutation.

All of this gives Martin the chance to reflect on what really matters to him, and sets his younger self straight. He demands that young Martin treat Clarissa much better because she is the only thing that gives their life meaning. It was a cute moment. I enjoyed watching Martin, who is so intellectual all the time, really reach and understand his emotions a bit.

3. Ray still finding his way

Without his ATOM suit, Ray is a bit lost as we’ve seen the last couple of weeks. Mick reaches out to offer the role of his partner….giving Ray the Cold Gun. Mick pushes him a bit to act more like Leonard, to break the rules, to act “cool.” As Ray doesn’t really have a path to follow, he falls into this a bit too hard.

Mick admits that with Ray trying to be like Leonard, it’s actually making him miss Leonard so he wants Ray to just be himself. But Ray doesn’t know who that really is.

He sits down and has a little heart-to-heart with Martin, where he may see the beginning of a new pathway in defining himself. To further push him down that path, he has to disassemble the Cold Gun to save the day. Mick encourages him by telling him “You’re Ray Palmer, you can science your way out of anything.”

I think Ray is still a little bit lost, but I think he’s on a path to truly finding himself.


Mick and Ray

Mick is gruff and blunt. He’s apathetic (mostly). When he offers Ray the Cold Gun, to be his partner, he wants Ray to act more like Leonard. I think he believes that it will help him deal with missing Leonard. It will be someone to fill the void. But as Ray tries so hard to do it, he just isn’t Leonard. He’s nothing like Leonard and Mick realizes that Ray or anyone else will not be able to fill Leonard’s place.

He finally gets fed up with Ray’s attempts and opens up to him. He tells Ray that emulating Leonard gives him….FEELINGS! He actually has a hard time saying the word “feelings” and it’s adorable.

I love Mick. I love his usual gruffness. But it’s also awesome to see him get a little depth and show some emotion.

Also, I miss Leonard a whole bunch too.

1. Damien and Eobard

Damien Darhk and Eobard ThawneDamien looking straight up Miami Vice style in 1987. Darhk is cozying up to people in the White House. He is making deals with the KGB. He got some sort of little artifact or something that came in a small box from the KGB. However, when our Legends found him and confronted him…Sara was able to rein in her emotions and was going to “arrest” him, but Eobard came and saved him. But not before Sara was able to swipe that little box away from him. We still don’t know what is in it though.

At the end of the episode, Eobard and Damien join forces. Eobard has some weird blue hamster-ball-looking magic sphere. He tells Damien to get into it, runs around it with his speedster speed. It creates a vortex and they are off.

With three weeks until the massive CW Super hero crossover, I’m wondering if they are going to stir up trouble and bring back the aliens that all the super heroes will have to team up to fight. We shall see, but I’m excited!

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