Supergirl 2.05 “Crossfire” Top 5

Supergirl was sent to Earth to watch over her cousin, but we all know that didn’t go quite as their families had planned. Because of this, Kara finds it necessary to take the Mon under her wing. That is, after she gets over her prejudice, of course. Turns out, saving the world might be a little bit easier than watching over someone who’s lived their entire adult life not having super powers. Mon’s not the only one who might get her in trouble though. It seem’s Jimmy’s had just about enough of this ‘sidekick’ nonsense, and he’s gonna save these streets on his own! I’m all for heroes without powers, but we’ll have to wait and see just how this whole heroing thing works out for our favorite photographer.

The Daxamite of Earth

Oh Mon… it’s a real good thing you’re pretty. Unfortunately, that pretty face will only keep you in the shallow well of my patience for so long. He’s still new, and trying to figure out life on a new planet, but I’m starting to have a real hard time with the pretty boy from Daxam. ‘When a woman wanted to please a man on Daxam…’ stop right there, champ. Not only did he pawn off his work on Ms. Tessmacher, he then immediately tried to sleep with her. Tessmacher’s a grown woman perfectly capable of making her own decisions, but he is a giant creep. It’s culture, he doesn’t understand, he’s new, he’s figuring it out. Yeah, I get it. The jerk better figure it out real quick.


Alex’s Stupid Girly Face

spg-2They’re approaching Alex’s coming out differently than I anticipated. I figured that they’d have her know, and that it was something that she kept to herself. Instead, they’re going the much more natural route, in letting her just discover it now that she’s met Sawyer. The stupid girly faces she makes when she thinks about her, the texts, the attempts to hang out. She comes to the realization in Kara’s apartment, but Lena just had to go and ruin the moment!

Worry not, Kara will find out soon enough. For now, Sawyer knowing is enough, and I guess Sawyer really knew already, didn’t she? She and Alex are gonna make a damn good couple!


‘You’re just… tall!’

spg-4Winn is by far the dumbest smart person on Supergirl. He’s a freakin’ genius, but he is so amazingly clueless in so many areas. Not when it comes to Jimmy, though. He saw right through his lie, and he tried to help his friend see logic. Logic has very little place in heroics though. I will always have a soft spot for heroes without powers. Powers aren’t what makes a hero, their heart does, and Jimmy’s always had a hero in him. Running into the same danger that your best friends do while invulnerable in order to help people… that’s a hero. All that said, Jimmy’s not ready for this. Thankfully, Jimmy will have Winn in his corner eventually.



The Lonely Lena

spg-5I’m so perplexed about Lena Luthor. I love that the show is giving us a character that we can disagree on a fundamental level and still like seeing. We can still like her and Kara teaming up, and working together. We can look at her, and understand that even though she thinks differently than us, she is a good person. I think. That’s the struggle. They’re doing so much to help us move away from prejudice, but man, looking past that Luthor name is a struggle. She even comments on it in this episode. I want her to be good, and I do love her, but her last name is gnawing on the back of my brain like a dog with a bone!

Oh, by the way, I totally ship Lena and Winn now. Give this to me IMMEDIATELY.

Operation Doubtfire

Lena Luthor sure knows how to throw a party. Rather, Lena Luthor sure knows how to set a trap, and put a lot of humans in danger, but we’ll come back to that if it ever happens again. In the meantime, that party led to a lot of good things. My new favorite ship, Lena and Winn (which came directly out of left field), Winn finally realizing that Jimmy needed his help, and that he was gonna die without it, and Kara realizing that she needs to let Mon be, well, Mon, within reason.

Unfortunately, one guest couldn’t make it to Lena’s little shindig. Mommy dearest was busy being a complete creep and running CADMUS. This is NOT HELPING my lack of Luthor trust.


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