Supergirl 2.06 “Changing” Top 5

Tonight’s episode of Supergirl was filled with moments of exploration. Kara got drunk for the first time, Alex is trying to find a way to deal with her new found orientation and how to tell her family, J’onn and M’gann are still dancing around each other, Jimmy’s anxious to get to heroing, and Mon El’s trying to figure out just what that could mean to someone like him. There was a lot of confusion, and even more hurt feelings tonight. While I don’t care for an excess of drama, it has its place in an episode from time to time. Plus, we’re on the CW, so it’s to be expected.

Drunk Kara

This is a ridiculous thing to have such fun with, but Drunk Kara is my everything. Don’t get me wrong, I still want Mon El to fall out of a thousand windows, but he at least gets a tiny high five for gifting us with this magnificent, inebriated version of the Girl of Steel. Like Red Kyrptonite Kara from season 1, it’s something that wouldn’t be a delight if it was used more than once, but I will take the small joy for this one episode!

Alex Comes Out

spg-1It is so very important to me that they didn’t ham up this moment. They didn’t make everything magically make sense. There was no quippy jokes and then a loving hug with the two sisters skipping off into the sunset. Kara will always accept Alex for who she is, but coming out, especially when you’re where Alex is emotionally, isn’t easy even if you’re accepted. Alex’s still trying to make sense of her feelings, so she struggles making them make sense to her sister. It was such a strong moment between the two of them.

Go Get the Girl

Ah man, Alex. Watching her process the Maggie situation left me with a million knots in my stomach. It physically hurt to watch the scene. As I mentioned above, the writers are injecting all of the truth into this whole new found sexuality thing as possible. While that is painful, it’s so important. You’re not always going to get the girl (or the guy), and there are a still a lot of difficult things to deal with when in comes to coming out in today’s day and age. It’s up to media, and people alike to both prepare for that, and provide as nurturing of an environment as possible. A+ Supergirl writers. A+.

Stand Up Like The Rest of Us

This was a GOOD episode for Alex. Like, a great episode for Alex. Mon El makes me want to punch all of the things, and that was only made worse by his decision to be a total creep. The elder Danvers sister voiced everything I was feeling when she got in Mon El’s face. Poor little Daxamite can’t handle Kara being hurt after he actively decided not to be a force for good. Alex doesn’t so much care for people who disappoint her little sister, which resulted in her giving Mon El what for. It’s a good message to remember in times like these that it’s not about having powers or a megaphone, just that you stand up.

The Little Heroes That Could

spg-2A couple of heroes not really sure what they’re doing teamed up tonight. The weird contrast of JIMMY I LOVE YOU, and MON EL I WANT TO PUNCH YOU just made it all the more fun! The new kids on the block may not be sure how to fight just yet, but what matters is they stand. The boys got in a little bit over their head, which was to be expected with a monster that could take out both Supergirl and Martian Manhunter! Mon El may still be pretty surprised that he showed up to help, but Jimmy is right where he knows he needs to be. Typing that gave me a goofy grin. I’m not sorry. This is such a bad idea and I support every single part of it. But please don’t die, Jimmy.

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