Supergirl 2.08 “Medusa” Top 5

It’s here, it’s here! Crossover week is here! Leave it to our favorite Girl of Steel, Supergirl, to kick things off with a stunning episode. “Medusa” throws us into the story, doing its best to intertwine Kara’s struggles with what’s about to go down in the rest of the Arrowverse with their biggest crossover yet. Things kick off with Mon El vs. Cyborg Superman, and a murderspree inside the alien bar. Mixed with Alex trying to come out to her mother during the holiday and there are some side struggles going on that aren’t revolving around the Dominators.


Why Not? I’m A Luthor.

LENA LUTHOR YOU BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, TRAGIC, PERFECT WOMAN. That was so stressful! Gradually, Lena has won over my trust. It’s scary, trusting a Luthor. It also means when betrayal schemes go down, I immediately think the worst. I wanted to trust, but I was so, so worried. Then she turned that key and I thought for sure that she was following in her family’s footsteps. NOPE! She’s not that kind of Luthor! More Lena all the time, please. Though it’s a little annoying that she wouldn’t trust Supergirl and had to see for herself, knowing full well the type of woman her mother is, all things in time. Just like trusting her took time, I imagine she’ll need a little bit more than a few episodes to come around to trusting an alien.

chris-wood-melissa-benoist-supergirl-cwDo You Want To Mate With Me!?

There’s something beautiful to be said for a woman who’s no nonsense. I love that Kara just out and said it, instead of bumbling around pointlessly wondering if it to be true. I mean, Mon El lied directly to her face, so there will still be some awkwardness to come, but what would a CW show be without completely avoidable relationship angst? Despite his steam-roller moment at dinner, I’m still pretty steadfastly on Jimmy’s side, but hey, Clark made a lot of silly choices before Lois as well! I the meantime, Mon El’s battling Medusa, and they got to make kissy face. So, ride it out, I suppose!

You Are Exceptional

Every single moment that has to do with Alex’s sexuality this season has made me weep in the best of ways. Where Kara was completely oblivious to what was happening in her sister’s mind, her mother knew almost immediately. At first, I was a little irritated by them going on about not being normal, which is completely silly, considering I’ve never really cared for the term. Her mother finishes off her pretty great Mom talk with mentioning that Alex is exceptional, and that is what every single person coming out to their family deserves to hear.

You Are Their Legacy

161118-medusa02Kara Zor El has had to find out just how, well, not great her parents are on two separate, very rough occasions. Her mother broke her heart in the first season, and tonight she had to find out that her father took it a step further, creating Medusa. Of course, he thought his cause was noble, but so do the Luthors. With the biological weapon threatening the life of her irritating new not quite boyfriend, and murdering an entire bar full of aliens, Kara’s not too keen on her blood family right now. Leave it to J’onn to help Kara understand what her parents’ true legacy was. They may have made some misguided decisions, but their mark on the galaxy wasn’t their choices, it was their daughter.


barry-and-cisco-seek-karas-help-supergirl-season-2-episode-8It’s. Crossover. Time.

Ok. Yeah, I get it. This was really only a fragment of a moment because Cisco couldn’t figure out how to vibe across worlds, but it is CROSSOVER TIME. KARA BARRY HUGS! What are we up against!? Yeah. I know, this entire part is incoherent because the. freaking. Justice. League. Is. Coming. You. Guys. Tomorrow we’re heading to Central City, and Earth 1, to watch THE JUSTICE LEAGUE fight some freakin’ aliens! Finally, the DC movie we all deserve!





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