Supernatural 12.05 “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” Top 5

The Boys with Hitler and Nazi stuff

For the time being, I’ll be doing the Supernatural reviews! Supernatural is my favorite show and I can’t wait to write about it. I only hope I can make Amelia proud! This week was a ridiculously fun episode, and may I say a bit apt for the events of this week. The Thule and Hitler are back and causing some major troubles. Dean finds the case and the Boys do what the Boys do. Many episodes are heavy and sad, but this one was entertaining and fun. I loved it. Here are my top 5 moments from “The One You’ve Been Waiting For.”

5. Dean’s funny moments

Dean and his boatI really have missed the fun the boys had in the first couple of seasons. There were a lot of laughs and smiles. A few of Dean’s moments brought me back to those moments. I literally laughed out loud while I watched Dean fumbling with the ship at the antique shop. There may be cursed objects around somewhere, and like a child, he can’t help but touch things and break them. Just to top it all off, when he walks around the corner and sees a couple of smaller ships on the shelves, he reaches out to touch them…and stop himself.

The second adorably hilarious moment was when the Boys were gearing up to fight the Thule and save Ellie. Dean grabs the grenade launcher. He’s ready to bring them all down. Sam gives him a reproachful look. This whole little exchange was funny and the faces both Boys made were just hilarious. I loved it. It was nice to actually smile and laugh while watching this show.

4. Dean and his pie

As we all know, Dean loves pie. But when offered some in the beginning of the episode, he doesn’t take it. Sam thinks this is a sign of him stealing trying to deal with Mary leaving them. It seems that in this instance, he’s just engrossed in his research on the new case he’s found; a couple of people burned in a “mystery fire.”

We also get to hear Dean have some mature thoughts and feelings regarding Mary leaving, which is nice. It seems like it’s hard for him and it’s a painful reality, but he understands and is coming to terms with it. He seems to be ok with her decision. I think this shows a tremendous amount of growth for Dean.

At the end of the episode, Dean wants to go get some pie…because he freaking deserves it.

With what I saw in this episode, Dean seems to have grown and matured a whole hell of a lot over the years. And the best part about it is that on the other side of all of the terrible things that he has been through, he seems to revert back to his happy self. He’s smiling. Happy Dean makes me very happy.

3. The Thule

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen or heard from the Thule. I believe it was the episode “Everybody Hates Hitler” from season 8. This week, they came back in a big way. The High Command has finally found both of the things that they’ve been looking for; a pocket watch with a Nazi emblem on it and a seemingly random young woman. These two things, of course, just happened to be in the same city.

It was a fun “throwback” to the season 8 episode. If Dean hadn’t sniffed out this case, their plan would have succeeded. They would’ve brought Hitler back and he was in a different body, so no one would have known. Scary thought, huh? It seems that in the course of events of this episode, the Boys and Ellie wiped out much of the High Command of the Thule, including their dear leader. So, does that mean the end of the Thule? If the head was cut off of the snake, which metaphor will we see? Is the snake die or will two more form in its place? We shall see.

2. Hitler had a Horcrux

Hitler's HorcruxI fangirled way too hard when they started to talk about Hitler having a Horcrux. Two of my favorite fandoms collided and it was glorious. Basically, down in the bunker, prior to Hitler killing himself, one of the members of the Thule convinced him that there was another way. He had Hitler put a part of his soul into this random Nazi pocket watch.

The Thule found this Horcrux. But they needed to put Hitler’s soul into the body of a person that shared blood with Hitler. That’s where Ellie came in. They got the pocket watch, they got Ellie. They started to drain Ellie’s blood, putting it into the veins of one of the Thule High Command guys. And…it was successful. They essentially resurrected Hitler.

Luckily for us…..the Boys were there.

1. Dean kills Hitler

Dean kills HitlerDean doesn’t think twice about putting Hitler down, obviously. And from now until the end of time, Dean will be gloating about killing Hitler. He will use this as an excuse to get things…like pie, because clearly he deserves it. On day 1, Sam is already sick of Dean’s gloating. I hope that this gets brought up from time to time through whatever is left of the series. It’s just too funny not to use.

Thank you, Dean Winchester.

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