Supernatural 12.06 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” Top 5

Sam and Mary

This show continues to make me love it more and more. After 11+ seasons, I still love it. It still makes me laugh. This episode was incredible in a lot of different ways. We get to have Jody Mills back. Mary Winchester shows up again. There’s laughs. There’s great emotional moments. There’s action. There is a party of other hunters. And we get back to fighting a demon. “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” perfectly brought together so many elements. Here are my top 5 moments from this week’s episode.

5. Dean and Sam with Jody

Sam and Dean and JodyAfter a hunt nearby, Sam and Dean drop by Jody’s house. They get some dinner and watch a movie together and this scene is the greatest thing ever. I love their discussion of rom-coms. I love watching Dean squirm. The boys are totally at ease with Jody. You can see that there is a mutual love and respect there. The boys see her as a maternal type of figure. It was just a great scene that gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling.




4. Winchesters are Legends

Winchester LegendsFirst off, I love that they brought up (multiple times) that Dean killed Hitler. Still incredible and I love that they are carrying that on.

Secondly, in a house full of hunters, the Winchesters are legends. When Sam and Dean introduce themselves, the other hunters get a little star struck. They start to ask them about some terrible things that the Boys have gone through, as if it’s the most incredible thing in the world. One of them asks Sam about being possessed by Lucifer. One of the hunters asks Dean about how many times he’s died. We know the Boys as off-the-map, laying-low kind of guys. It’s interesting and strange and almost…upsetting to see them revered by these other hunters. But when you stop the apocalypse and kill Hitler, what else can you expect?

3. Demon!Jody

Demon!JodyIn “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox,” we saw the return of a Crossroads Demon. This one decided to lock down and ward the house that all the hunters were in, and to have a little fun with them. Jody ended up getting possessed by this Crossroads demon for a bit and while I felt awful for Jody, it was quite the entertaining sight. Red-eyed, confident, and evil. It was so much fun to watch Kim Rhodes play a possessed Jody Mills in this scene.

It was also really fun to watch all the hunters ban together and take turns saying the spell to exorcise the demon out of Jody.

2.  Everyone Relating

Kim and JodyIt was nice in this episode to see so many instances of these people that we love being there for each other. Everyone is going through so much and it’s nice to just see understanding and empathy, rather than secret keeping and anger.

With Dean still bitter about Mary leaving them, Jody steps up to talk to him and says that she can relate to what he is feeling about it all.

With Mary still a little lost and feeling like she just doesn’t belong, Sam steps up to be there for her and tell her that he understands, that it’s ok that she needs some time.

Jody is also there for Mary. She tries to reassure Mary that Sam and Dean are the two best men that she has ever met, but that isn’t what is bothering Mary.

I just loved seeing everyone getting along, being there for each other, offering what kind words and support that they could. It’s refreshing to see everyone being open and honest. So much love going around.

Mary Winchester

Young Mary as a hunterI love Mary’s tie-in to this episode. To open the episode, we see a young Mary hunting a werewolf, saving a young boy. Because she saved him and she told him about the werewolf, and because she says that she is retiring soon, young Asa Fox turns into a hunter in order to save people just like he was saved. He hunts. He saves people. He tries to write to Mary to tell her what he’s been doing. She made a huge impact in his life.

A few times in this episode, we hear Mary talk about feeling like she doesn’t belong. She says that it feels like no matter what she does or where she goes, that it just doesn’t feel right. There’s a despair in her eyes, confusion and pain.

Billie the reaper offers Mary a one way ticket away from it all, back to Heaven. For a split second, I thought she was going to take her up on the offer. I thought we were going to lose Mary so soon after getting her back. My heart broke. But…then she told Billie that she would have to wait. So, while the Boys don’t get Mary back quite yet, she’ll be staying around on Earth for a while longer.

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