Agents of SHIELD 4.08 “The Laws of Inferno Dynamics” Top 5

“The Laws of Inferno Dynamics” provided us with an incredible midseason finale! There were some big action scenes that were so much fun and dynamic to watch. They tied up some storylines from the beginning of the season and opened up new stories for the next chapter of the season. Everyone’s fears about AIDA seem to be coming true. Having our Inhuman super team of Elena, Daisy, and Robbie working together was fun to see. Here are my top 5 moments from “The Laws of Inferno Dynamics.”

5. The Source of Eli’s Power

Science wings again! It seemed nearly magical that Eli was able to create carbon out of thin air. As the episode goes on, we see him creating more and more complex atoms. Finally, we see him create water from nothing. He has moved on from simple atoms to compounds. It sounds like his goal is to create life. Eli is so drunk with power, he essentially wants to be like a god.

Fitz and Simmons start discussing how little sense it makes for Eli to be creating matter from nothing. It breaks the laws of the universe; more particularly, the first law of thermodynamics (Matter cannot be created or destroyed). They realize that Eli is actually “stealing” matter from another dimension. It’s not being created, it’s being stolen.

Even when Eli is confronted by Coulson telling him where the source of his power is coming from, he denies it. He thinks that since he worked so hard to acquire this power, that he’s entitled to it, that he’s special, that he is all-powerful. Clearly, he’s a force that needs to be stopped.

With a brilliant plan in place, the team strikes out at Eli. Robbie and his Ghost Rider friend are able to hold Eli within the confines of the portal to…wherever. Both Robbie and Eli are consumed into this portal and disappear. The source of Eli’s power is what consumed him. A bit of justice?

4. The Team Back Together

Mack and ElenaAfter all of this chaos and the conclusion of the Ghost Rider story, the team seems to be all back together again. Everyone is able to take a moment to be happy and relax. Daisy is an agent once again. Mack and Elena finally have their moment. There’s not a whole lot to say about this, but after everything all of these people have been through, it’s just nice to see them happy and back together as a team.





3. Goodbye Robbie

Robbie and EliI was excited about seeing the Ghost Rider story arc. It surely didn’t disappoint. Seeing Robbie in this story was great. I loved seeing him and Daisy teaming up. Adding Yo-Yo to that mix in this episode was nothing short of fantastic. Ghost Rider brought a whole gray area of mortality to the show. He brought action and fun and vengeance.

In this episode, Robbie steps up to complete his final vengeance…taking out his uncle Eli before he becomes too powerful. With the help of the whole team, he is able to hold on to his uncle and they are both taken into the other dimension.

I don’t believe this is the end of Ghost Rider forever, but maybe for this season. The previous time Robbie and the Rider were in a different dimension, the Rider jumped ship and took over someone else’s body. That could potentially happen again. With a nod from Coulson that there has been at least one previous Ghost Rider, I have a feeling we may not have heard the last from Ghost Rider.

2. Yo-Yo in action

ElenaWhen the team’s go “hot,” all the SHIELD agents work together as a team. But the best part of this whole thing was when Yo-Yo came and changed the whole scene. I’m not sure why I loved this scene so much, but I really did. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to see Yo-Yo in action, and this scene was just brilliant.

It was also great earlier in the episode when she went ahead to do some recon and she tripped the explosion. Watching the shots of her outrunning the flames was so beautiful and stressful.

I hope we get more of Elena in the second half of the season.


1. Aida

AidaI don’t even know what to say about Aida. Creating AI has never really gone well for anyone ever. I don’t know why Dr. Radcliffe thought this would be any different, especially in a universe in which the whole Ultron thing happened.

She has done some good things, like saving May, building the portal to save Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie in the previous episode, and fulfilling her purpose as a SHIELD in this episode. But she has now created a new brain, using the science/magic from Darkhold. May isn’t actually May. The real May is trapped and unconscious in a closet. What is Aida planning? What is going to happen to May?

In what could be good or bad (probably bad), Dr. Radcliffe’s research and development of Aida, his whole program, has been brought under the SHIELD umbrella. What will/could Mace do with this at his disposal? Will Aida do some terrible things with the SHIELD name? I just don’t see anything good coming out of this whole situation.


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