Arrow 5.08 ‘Invasion’ Top 5

Arrow 5.08 'Invasion' Top 5

In a landmark event, Arrow celebrated its 100th episode with a mega crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Needless to say, it was an action packed episode. Let’s dig into Arrow 5.08 ‘Invasion’ Top 5.

Arrow 5.08 'Invasion' Top 5

The Story

Overall, I found ‘invasion’ to a very enjoyable episode that was befitting of the 100th episode of Arrow. However, the overall story, while intriguing, felt very contrived. Picking up from the Flash episode, Oliver, Sara, Diggle, and Ray are all kidnapped by aliens (which was carried over from Supergirl), and then through hallucinations, they live their lives as if the Gambit had never sunk, whilst still possessing some of the skills from their current life. As a result, Oliver and Laurel are engaged (yet Oliver still has quick reflexes), Sara is not aware she is an assassin and both Queen parents are alive. While the setup did provide a gateway to recap the last 4 seasons of the Arrow, which I did enjoy, it felt forced to accommodate the other shows and guest stars, rather than highlight the key elements that have made Arrow, Arrow for the last 100 episodes. Overall, I enjoyed it but, I think the desired recap of Season 1-4 could have been executed with more subtly and organic development.

Arrow 5.08 'Invasion' Top 5

The Heart behind Arrow

While I felt the storyline of the episode was not fitting for the overarching tone of Arrow, the heart and emotions behind it felt incredibly right for the episode, and Arrow as a show. From the scenes with Thea and her Mum, to those between Sara and Laurel we were able to see a relatable story that conveyed honest feelings. To me, revealing the heart of the story has been Arrow’s strength since Season 1 and this episode did that exceptionally well. Here were some of my favourite moments:

– Sara and Laurel’s relationship, I’ve missed that
– Rory and Felicity working together
– Moira and Thea sharing a lovely mother-daughter moment.
– Hearing Tommy Merlyn say “you’re a hero” (makes me cry every time)

The Return of Moira Queen

Despite my dislike of the premise of the episode, I am glad it bought Moira Queen back to Starling City. An incredibly strong character from the beginning, I have always respected Moria Queen, despite many of her questionable choices. She brings a much needed grit, determination and challenge for Oliver that I feel has been lacking since her death. Whilst I know, a permanent return is highly unlikely, it was nice to have a brief return of her character.
Arrow 5.08 'Invasion' Top 5

Felicity Smoak

This episode goes to show how invaluable Felicity is to the team, they’d be so very lost (literally, and metaphorically) if she ever left. She is the heart and soul of Team Arrow, as well as the brains. A remarkable character it was great to see her in her element and solving problems.

Sara - Arrow 5.08 'Invasion' Top 5

Sara Lance

Sara’s unapologetic nature remains one of my favourite qualities about her character alongside her feistiness, compassion, energy and general bad-assery. I enjoyed that ‘Invasion’ allowed us to see a more carefree side of Sara than we have previously experienced on Arrow. While I understand she had to leave, I do miss her working alongside Team Arrow, and in particular the original core of Oliver, Diggle and Felicity and I hope she returns to the show soon.

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