Arrow 5.09 ‘What We Leave Behind’ Top 5

Arrow 5.09 'What We Leave Behind' Top 5

Once again Arrow delivered an emotional strong episode that echoed the emotional tone of the show. However, the refreshing consistency in tone, did not make up for the glaring inconsistencies with the overall storyline, individual character arcs and character development. Namely I found glaring issues with Oliver’s character development (or perhaps I should say, regression), Felicity’s storyline (or lack thereof), and Curtis’ very confusing arc. That being said, I was still able to enjoy moments of the episode. Here is my Arrow 5.09 ‘What We Leave Behind’ Top 5 moments.

Arrow 5.09 'What We Leave Behind' Top 5

Felicity Smoak

Yet another emotional event for Felicity, with no real follow through. One of my biggest frustrations with this season has that Felicity’s character has been sidelined. Given the enormity of her role in last season’s events, and the implied impact, one would make the assumption that there would be some significant emotional fallout. However, over and over again her storyline has been forgotten, sidelined, or resolved to appease the storyline of a male character.

Emily Bett Rickards has such a depth to her acting and the capacity to carry such emotional scenes, and it’s why, despite my frustration, it’s still a top moment. The emotions she conveyed felt tangible, relatable and raw. So my question is: Why are we not seeing more of this?

Arrow 5.09 'What We Leave Behind' Top 5

Thea Queen

My favourite character this season has undoubtedly been Thea Queen. Her storyline and character growth has been consistent across every episode and for the first time, possibly ever, she’s in her element and she’s thriving. Whilst I definitely think that Thea is more suited to life in the Mayor’s office, it was nice to see her and Oliver working together again as Arrow and Speedy. She and Oliver have shared a great sibling bond from the beginning, and after the ups and downs of Season 4, it’s great to see them back on an even keel. True to form she pulled out a great quote: “I’m Moira Queen’s daughter and that means throwing a killer Christmas party is in my blood”.

Arrow 5.09 'What We Leave Behind' Top 5

Curtis Holt

I am still unsure what to make of Curtis’ transition to Mr Terrific. I personally believe it would have made more sense if he became a vigilante after the events of this episode, as the original catalyst for him becoming a vigilante felt weak. However, that was not to be the case. I was surprised by the breakup, particularly given that we have seen very little of Curtis and Paul’s relationship play out on screen this season. I am interested to see how if and how it effects Curtis in the coming episodes.
Arrow 5.09 'What We Leave Behind' Top 5

Arrow Family Holidays

I am a fan of any and every holiday episode on Arrow. This was no exception. I loved seeing the renewed Team Arrow down in the lair hanging out, it emphasised the theme of family which has been constant throughout the series. Whilst I may not always appreciate the new team members, I can appreciate the heart of the moments they help create. Keep that up Arrow.

Susan Williams

I am naturally suspicious of journalists, and I have been suspicious of Susan from the very start, but I am enjoying having another female character in the mix. I’m very curious to see where her character leads us in the following episodes, and what her connection to Russia is.

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