Legends of Tomorrow 2.07 “Invasion!” Top 5

What an incredible and fun episode! The exciting conclusion of the epic CW DC TV crossover blew away my expectations. We of course had aliens (good and bad!), emotional and moral issues, IT people team-ups, metahumans, government double cross, and time travel! With so many amazing people on this show, I think this episode was so much fun. All of our heroes both save and destroy the Dominators (Is that even possible?). It was well written. The characters interacted well. I loved it. How do I pick just 5 moments?! I’m struggling to do so, but here they are, my top 5 moments from “Invasion!”

5. Martin’s aberration

Martin and Lily team up to help defeat the Dominators

Throughout the course of the crossover, Martin has quite the emotional roller coaster about his newly discovered daughter, Lily. He meets her and completely freezes up and then runs away. Invited to STAR Labs by Caitlyn, Martin talks with Lily about what is going on, and he finds out that she has a PhD in nanotechnology, having spent 6 years at MIT. She starts to work on the problem with Martin, but Martin is incredibly distant and closed-off around her.

Martin admits to Caitlyn that he doesn’t believe that she is a real person because she didn’t previously exist before he interacted with his younger self. He calls her a time aberration and will be going back in time to make sure that she isn’t created. Because he doesn’t believe her to be a real person, because he’s going to erase her from existence, he keeps his distance.

When he finally goes to apologize to her, Martin talks about the complexity of the situation and why he has acted the way he has. This sparks them both to realize the solution to the problem that they have been working on and then they use it to build tech to cripple the Dominators!

It’s a wonderful little arc for Martin and for Lily. It plays in contrast to the immense amount of guilt being taken on by Barry for messing with time. Sometimes, good things can happen from them. I hope that Martin won’t go back to erase her creation.

4. Cisco and Felicity

Cisco and Felicity

I always love me some Cisco and Felicity team ups, but watching them team up for some time travel is just all the fun in the world. They both nerd out over the tech. They are incredibly excited to time travel and to play with alien technology. I love their dynamic. Between all of the fun nerding out, they actually have a lovely heart-to-heart talk as well. Felicity tries her darndest to talk Cisco out of his anger at Barry for his timeline shenanigans.

Also, when Amaya, Mick, and Nate are captured, the “tech people” are there to save them, not from the aliens, but from the creepy government guys. A great team up on this episode.

3. Cisco Messes with Time

It seems that no one can help themselves when time traveling. Everyone is messing with the timeline. When Cisco goes back to 1951 with Amaya, Nate, and Mick, he went into that government place to save them. When he helped to get the Legends out of there, they all heard the Dominator essentially being tortured. Cisco can’t stand it. None of them can. So, he leads them on to save one of the Dominators. Cisco encourages them to be better than these terrible aliens.

What ends up happening from that, is that the attack in 2016 gets much worse. Finally, Cisco can understand Barry. He altered time because he was trying to do the right thing, trying to make things better. He made it worse. We can finally move on from angry Cisco, and he and Barry can be friends again.

I loved the line from Cisco to Barry; “You’re not a hero to me. You’re my friend.” I’m glad that this has been solved.

2. Transmutation

Firestorm's Transmutation

In the season one finale of Legends, Firestorm learned how to transmutate objects; turn one thing into another. That paid off once again, as Martin and Jax as Firestorm were needed to use their transmutation powers to turn the giant metahuman bomb sent by the Dominators into something harmless. This bomb was massive, so they couldn’t do it initially. But after a little push and a little extra concentration, Firestorm was able to turn the metahuman bomb into some refreshing water. I loved the callback to the season one finale. I thought it was a great cultivating moment to end the alien invasion. Loved it.

  1. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Earth's Mightiest Heroes team up to take down the Dominators

You may not be able to consider this a “moment,” it’s essentially the whole crossover idea. I LOVED seeing all of these mighty heroes teaming up in all different combinations on all sorts of missions and adventures. Tech and IT, rescue missions, time traveling, running across the country, and battling inner demons. It was an incredible team up of super heroes and regular heroes.

This crossover was amazing. I loved it all. And I hope that they can do it again.



-Ray saying that Kara looks like his cousin (get it…because he played Superman, and Supergirl is Superman’s cousin! Get it?)

-Cisco can now apparently interact with things in his Vibes. Did this happen previously?

-The whole ending conversation with Oliver and Barry. They discuss the lives that they were able to live briefly; Oliver in the dream state from the Dominators, Barry in Flashpoint. They both acknowledge that they were happy in those realities, but they weren’t fulfilled. When they cheers, one says “To not normal lives.” The other says “To full lives.” It’s a touching moment to wrap it all up.

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