The Next Generation of the Nerd Out App!

If you spend your time at geeky events, there’s a decent chance you’ve heard of the Nerd Out App! If you haven’t, man oh man have you been missing out. The app’s updated 5 days a week to bring you information on nerdy get-togethers in your area.* Said app is also hoping to undergo a bit of a remodel as well! Check out their Kickstarter here, and their press release below for more info!

*Since the app is still growing, it’s currently in 35 locations and adding more all the time!

We’re Making a Brand New Nerd Out App!

What is Nerd Out?

It’s a community of nerds! It’s all about sharing and attending events with nerds like you! By using a calendar app where you can list and discover events and locations! It provides a safe place for adults & kids alike to explore in their local areas. Connect with friends, discover your local comic shop, and even submit your own events (we are user supported on submissions currently). Events are updated 5 days a week.

Nerd Out has been on the market since early August 2015. The current version of Nerd Out is available for download on Apple and Android devices.



This is a modified screen grab of LivinItApp and Facebook Messanger, ours will work in a similar fashion.

What’s the Next Generation?

The current version of the app is built on a template. In order to bring you the best app we can, we have to build a new app from scratch. This Next generation of Nerd Out will give users even more of what they already love!

A)  Improved Geolocation

Tired of having to tell the app where you’re located? The next generation the app will be able to pinpoint your location off the bat along with the ability to look up other locations.

B)  More Locations

We know 35 locations is just NOT enough and we want to add even more! Currently, we have to manually enter in (copy & paste) events which is time-consuming and tedious. With the next generation, we’ll be able to add events much more efficiently. We’ll also be adding more businesses for you to discover!

Once launched we’ll focus on filling out the United States, and the United Kingdom. Followed by Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. From there we plan to open to other countries.

Current locations on Nerd Out can be found at

C)  Filters

We heard our users and with the new update you will be able to search events by price, age, and content (cosplay, gaming, conventions, comics, etc). Looking for something to bring the kids to? A cosplay meetup? How about a date? Or just your local convention? The Next Generation will allow you filter searches with more detail!!!

D)  Making Friends

The current version of the app has a friending option but we are making changes that makes this even easier. Finding and adding friends in the next generation will be faster and more user-friendly.


E)  Messaging

Want to talk to your friends? Chat about your plans for a convention? Or about the new Star Wars? You will now be able to! We’ll also have stickers available for you to send to your friends! They will all be nerd inspired!

F)  Social Wall

I know many of you already love our Wall. However, we will be improving it with the ability to use hashtags and tag other users!


As the current app is built on a template, there are some limitations with it that slow down productivity. Such as there is no way to automatically make an event recurring, we have to manual input events that happen every Tuesday for instance (that’s 52 times a year for a single recurring event, of which we have many). Michelle has been bootstrapping to bring you this amazing product.

Our Goal

This passion project has grown so much that we now need help from the nerd community to move forward. By supporting this project you’ll be receiving an event calendar, social media platform, and a place to call your nerdy home!

The money raised will be used to hire a Zach Van Ness of Breue as our developer. As a nerd himself, he’s a perfect fit for our app! Zach has created a number of apps, some of his creations have been acquired by companies such as Twitter. A small portion will be used to purchase the t- shirts, phone cases, and stickers.

How We’re Helping the Community

“My friend is transgender & recently moved to Las Vegas for a new job. Her work environment is not a welcoming environment & so she has not yet come out to her coworkers, making her feel even more isolated in a new town. I recommended she check out Nerd Out app for Magic meet ups or gatherings for her to reconnect with fellow players in Vegas. She now has a slice of her Magic community from which to find a bit of home in a new town. Thank you for helping create the environment for finding our nerd/geek communities in new places.” – Izzy

“My younger brother (also a nerd) recently moved to Portland, and doesn’t know anyone in the city except my parents. My Mom told me he was getting depressed because of how lonely he was and didn’t have any friends. After she told me, I whipped out the app, located Portland and sent him links to 2 game shops that had events going on. He attended both and had a blast, he’s made friends and even joined a DnD group. So thank you!!! You’ve made him happy, and his big sister (me) happy!” – Megan


What Kind of Events are Listed?

Comic Conventions, Lightsaber Battles, Cosplay meetups, Geeks Who Drink, Tabletop gaming, Screenings, Art Exhibits, Festivals, Science/Tech, Escape Rooms, Performances, Theatre, Trivia and more! We have quite a variety!


  • Filters
  • Stickers
  • T-Shirts
  • Phone Cases
  • Pick Your Username
  • Pick a Location
  • Design a Sticker
  • Beta Test
  • Commissions
  • DisneyBound created by Leslie Kay
  • Personalized Sticker Pack
  • Cosplay Photoshoot

And more!!!


Who is Nerd Out?

Founder (aka Nerd Out Girl Boss): Michelle L. Jensen was raised on Long Island, NY. Moved to Los Angeles to study Film/TV. She’s a nerdy travel blogger, fangirl, and cosplayer. She is excited to bring others together through the nerddom!

Event Manager (aka Nerd Out Head Cheerleader): Monica is a Southern California native. Born and raised under the California sun. Her main passions in life are her family and her geekdom. She is excited to share her love of all things “Doctor Who” with the world!

Ways to Support

Tweet your support on Twitter, post your support on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit, raven, TARDIS phone, owl, bat signal….

Please use the #NerdOut hashtag in your tweets to create awareness and to generate buzz around the app.


Questions? Feel free to email me at




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